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Let us take the strain of the back-office functions so you can stay focused on your business. We have all the experience and specialist advice you need, so you don’t have to waste time, energy and expense looking for it. That’s got to be good for business efficiency. We can provide all the company secretarial, financial administration and people management support you need to ensure your company is properly administered, managed and monitored – all seamlessly coordinated through one company. Setting up a new operation in a new environment can be a frustrating and expensive process, especially if mistakes are made. Ensuring you are fully compliant with UK regulations and requirements puts a strain on management resources, cash and time – just when you need to concentrate on the really vital job – developing your core business. Outsourcing the back-office to Goodwille is not only cost-effective, it’s also good for your business future.

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“Both you (Svend) and Annika have been super supportive during our first year and I know it sounds a bit gushy but there was always something quite comforting about being looked after by Goodwille – you have been a safe pair of hands and I really value the business relationship and friendships that we have formed over the last year. Although you will continue to assist us with day-to-day services, I will miss being based from St James’ House.”  Ranj Begley,  Readly UK 

The right technology

Cutting edge IT systems give you access to your data

Our vision is to make business easier for our clients: – simpler, smoother, more straightforward, less complex, more streamlined and more efficient. It’s not rocket science but it does require local experience, good management and leading edge IT solutions. We will equip you with systems and tools that give you access to all your documents from a wide variety of platforms and hardware together in one place – join Goodwille and get access to our portal, which you can use globally across multiple subsidaries.

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Scandinavian standards work globally

World renowned standards of quality, service and reliability

The founder of Goodwille, herself a Swedish business woman, having worked in the UK for 30 years, is passionate about “the Scandinavian standard” – rigorous, ethical, scrupulously honest, straight talking, consensual and dependable. The Scandinavian reputation for the highest quality in manufacture and service backed by strong business probity is very much part of the Goodwille DNA.

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Some good cases

Our clients didn’t have to find the best road to success because we already knew the way

Our clients are some of the most progressive in their respective fields and we are united by purpose to transform their companies into key business assets. Why not take advantage of our experience in helping them to succeed? They range from start-up companies to global giants; from overseas branches to VC developers; from high tech to retail; from manufacturing to services.

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