We’re recruiting – Office Assistant


Goodwille is a forward-thinking, ambitious company dedicated to providing foreign businesses with the kind of professional services required to establish themselves and flourish in the UK. These include Corporate Legal, Finance, People Management, Payroll & Virtual Offices.

We are looking for an Office Assistant who thrives on providing great customer service to join our Front of House team. Within your role you will be responsible for:

  • Meeting & Greeting visitors
  • Post handling & telephone answering
  • Meeting room bookings
  • Supporting a busy reception area
  • Support clients with administrative tasks
  • Working with onboarding new clients
  • Liaising with suppliers
  • Order Handling & Sales Processing
  • Supporting departments with adhoc requests

The applicant should be computer literate, have an strong understanding of the Microsoft Office suite (Outlook, Word & Excel) and experience working within an administration/reception role. You should be passionate about providing great customer service and be able to confidently work independently to ensure the smooth running of the reception area. In joining us, you will become part of a modern, forward-thinking and inclusive organisation, capable of offering a stimulating environment for you to work in.

This is your chance to join #teamgoodwille – check us out on Instagram. When you join Goodwille you get access to a whole range of employee benefits, all designed to ensure an enjoyable work/life balance. Some benefits for all employees include:

  • Office fruit every week
  • Employee perks, rewards & benefits including discounts on supermarkets (Sainsburys, Tesco etc) high street stores (Topshop, John Lewis etc) & gyms
  • Complimentary phone insurance, as we know how important it is to stay connected
  • Access to the well-being & lifestyle platform, including eating advice, exercise routines and yoga videos
  • Generous social budget, for team lunches, parties or for you to hang out with colleagues.

Job type: Permanent, full time
Location: Warwick
Salary: Depending on experience/skill set

If you like the sound of this vacancy and all the features and benefits you get by being part of a team like Goodwille, then please contact alexander.goodwille@goodwille.com

Why your international business should open a virtual office in the UK

Globalising your business is always going to be a difficult but exciting challenge. If you’re looking at reaching out to foreign markets with your products and services, we congratulate you on taking such a daring step in your business’ future. It means that your business has progressed as far as it can at home, and that your brand has enough weight to potentially succeed abroad.

Of course, taking that step to becoming an international business can be an expensive and time-consuming move. You may not be quite ready to jump right into opening a new office in the UK, whether it is down to your cash-flow or just the feasibility of having a fully operational team in the United Kingdom.

That’s when it may be time to consider using a virtual office and telephone answering service. A popular choice for many SMEs expanding into the UK, you can outsource all your office duties while planning your business growth.

Here are 5 reasons you should use a virtual service before you open a UK office:

1. It is a temporary solution that gives you the chance to test your products and services on the UK market without having to hire staff.

2. It’s an affordable solution that means you can outsource the work while you look into the financial implications of opening your first UK office.

3. It gives you time to learn more about your UK market and to plan your operations over here.

4. It creates the impression that you have already started business in the United Kingdom before you actually have, allowing your brand to become recognisable before you start actual operations here.

5. It makes your global expansion plans more manageable than quickly overloading yourself with new offices across the world at once.

If you’re looking for a business that can support your virtual office and telephone answering needs, then turn to Goodwille. We’ve been providing businesses from across Europe and the world with a friendly, professional and organised service. Companies from Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Austria have all benefited from starting their UK operations with us. Now it’s your turn.

3 essential business elements you should consider outsourcing

When you’re running your own business the learning curve is astonishingly steep, the outlays immense, and your To-Do list endless. It can be overwhelming, intimidating, and incredibly stressful. It can also be extremely rewarding, fulfilling, and lucrative. The trick to getting it right is knowing how best to spend your time and resources. You must balance the requirements of your budget against the practical and logistical needs of your business. It’s tough making those calls, and a rookie mistake that almost all business owners make is believing they can save money by doing as much as possible themselves.

The reality, however, is that there is a finite amount of time you can spend working. Even if you work every waking hour of the day, you will hit a point where you just can’t do any more. Outsourcing is the solution to this, but it’s often a tough bullet to bite.

Many entrepreneurs cringe at the idea of paying someone to do things they could do themselves, but here’s the truth: a professional can do it far better than you can, in far less time, and the amount you will pay them to do a brilliant job is less than the amount you will earn by dedicating that time to what you really do best.

Here are three essential business elements that you should consider outsourcing.

#1 Bookkeeping

Getting your accounts and bookkeeping right is absolutely vital. It’s also very tricky, time-consuming, and stressful. Why not hand it all over to an expert who will ensure your books are in perfect order, and you always know exactly where you stand financially?

#2 Virtual Office

When there are so many things on your To-Do list and you are juggling a multitude of tasks and responsibilities, the telephone can easily become the bane of your existence. It’s constantly ringing, interrupting your train of thought, distracting you from vital tasks, and tying you up in lengthy conversations that you really needed to put off for a few days. You dream of a receptionist, but it’s not in your budget, and you don’t have space for another desk, anyway.

A virtual office is a solution. Not only will all your phone calls be taken care of by a professional, freeing you up to do more important things than answering the phone, but you will be armed with the knowledge of exactly who called, when, and why. This eliminates the possibility of missing phone calls and forgetting to call people back. It also enables you to dodge calls you’re not ready for, and deal with all those conversations in your own time. A virtual office also has the major benefit of providing you with a trading address, which is particularly handy if you work from home and don’t want to give your home address out to everyone and his wife!

#3 Tax Returns

Self-assessment is one of the most stressful elements of running any business. It’s a migraine-inducing nightmare, and if you get it wrong, or don’t get it done on time, it can also be very costly financially. Outsourcing your VAT work guarantees everything is handled in a professional, timely fashion, and there are no expensive mistakes!

If you’re considering outsourcing for your business, contact Goodwille today. We can provide more information about our services and discuss how outsourcing will benefit you directly.

The benefits of using a Virtual Office when doing business in the UK

When you’re doing business in the UK, you may not need the overheads and costs of a bricks and mortar office in London. In fact, using a virtual service to open a UK office makes sense on a number of levels.

Professionalism and courtesy across the language barrier

The advantages of having a professional and courteous telephone answering service in the UK are obvious when you start to do business here. You’ll benefit from virtual employees who understand the business courtesies of a different business culture without having permanent employee overheads.

Professional business premises for good first impressions

If you use Goodwille’s meeting room service you’ll experience all the benefits of fully equipped business premises as part of your virtual office package. Creating a good first impression can be vital when you first start to do business in the UK, and our premises, plus our friendly and professional staff, will help to create that impression for you.

A registered office address

You may of course be considering suitable permanent premises where you can open a UK office, but using a virtual office service in the interim is smart and cost effective. By using our registered office address, your company will be compliant with legal requirements for trading in the UK.

A virtual office is infinitely scalable

Although you may be considering opening a bricks and mortar office in London or elsewhere in the UK, if you’re expecting significant growth then you’ll need to invest in premises that are scalable. Running a virtual office presents you with the option to remain infinitely scalable, without spiralling overheads.

At Goodwille, we’ve already helped over 1,500 companies expand into the UK thanks to the quality of the support we offer. If you’re interested in establishing a UK presence and are interested in virtual office and meeting rooms or our range of business support services, contact us today.

How a virtual office can help you establish your business in the UK

At Goodwille, we understand that you want the transition of setting up your business in the UK to be as smooth as possible. Whether you are moving your entire operation here or just establishing a UK branch or office, you, of course, need to take the time to do things properly. Making use of a virtual office can be a fantastic way to ease through the process. Some people never go back!

Here are some of the top benefits:

Take your time

You don’t want to rush into decisions when it comes to finding the right location and property for your business offices. You don’t want your business to suffer while you’re scoping out the best location for your business, which is where making use of a virtual office can save the day. Your business can have an official (and prestigious) UK address and phone number so you can receive mail and have your calls answered. You can even use centrally located meeting rooms when needed. With these bases covered, it doesn’t matter that the rest of your operations may be taking place at home for the time being. Your business keeps running smoothly while you take the time to find your perfect location.

Keep costs down

Renting or purchasing business properties is highly costly. If your business needs premises, then you don’t want to be forking out on property that’s not right. Or perhaps you’d rather not have those overheads at all, but need a professional base now and then. The costs of paying for a virtual office service is far cheaper than paying a full-time rent.

Present a professional image

It can be a time of intense upheaval when you move your business to a new country. There’s a lot to do and a lot to learn. However, your clients don’t need to know what’s happening behind the scenes. Opting for a virtual office presents your business as the professional operation it is, even if things are slightly chaotic in reality.

Goodwille has fantastic virtual office packages in Warwick and London, starting at just £49.

Live answering service voicemail for your new UK office

When you run a business with branches that are based in a different country or time zone, or if your work takes you out of your office for long periods of time, it’s important that you offer your clients alternative methods of contacting you.

The two solutions available to you are voicemail and a live answering service. So, what’s best for your overseas operation?


Voicemail can be useful if you have 24/7 staffing for your office and you are only likely to be unavailable for very brief periods of time. Voicemail works quite well, provided that you return your messages promptly.

The main drawback of voicemail is that most clients and prospects would much rather deal with a ‘real’ person, rather than leave a message.

Not being able to contact a member of staff can also become a cause of frustration, which could send clients looking for an alternative supplier who can be more easily contacted. Clearly, this is not a good scenario when you are trying to establish yourself and your company in a different country.

Live answering service

A live answering service or virtual office means that you can be confident that your clients and prospects will receive a response no matter what time of day they call. Trained operators can also be trained to screen sales prospect calls too, potentially netting new clients for your business.

An answering service is really essential for any new business, particularly if you are trying to break into a new country. Anyone calling out-of-hours will enjoy being connected to a helpful operator immediately, rather than having to wait for a response. This service gives a much more positive client experience, which could lead to good online reviews and even referrals to other prospects.

If your UK office is small in the beginning, you may not have the budget to take on full time office staff. A live answering service and virtual office may therefore be a much more viable financial option that still gives your clients a full service and creates a very professional impression of your business.

In conclusion

A live answering service is by far the best option for your new UK office and is clearly more preferable for your clients and prospects than a simple voicemail message facility. For more advice and information on how a live answering service could be of help to you in your new UK business, why not have a chat with the helpful team at Goodwille.

How a virtual office can save you time and money

If you’re a small or medium-sized business, you need to maximise your resources. And the chances are your main resources are time and money! A virtual office can help save you both. Here’s how.

You’ll pay less in rent
We’re sure you already know just how expensive modern office real estate can be. If you operate in a major city like London, it can be a huge drain on your resources. A virtual office in London can allow you to work either without an office at all  or to work from a much smaller space. Either way, you’ll save money. This is even more relevant if you’re an international business. Why pay more for a property you aren’t even going to use?

You’ll pay less in bills
Any and all office spaces end up costing more than just the rent. If you rent a permanent office, you’ll also have to pay for electricity, internet, cleaning, business tax and so on. A virtual office will allow you to bypass all of these costs, while still maintaining a presence in whichever area of the country you choose.

No maintenance required
It’ll also save you any form of general maintenance, which can be a real burden if you’re overseas. Leasing a physical office means you’ll have a duty – as part of the lease – to keep it in great condition. This won’t be easy if you’re routinely away from the office itself! You’ll have to deal with the hassle of hiring a property manager, and then managing them to ensure they’re doing a good job, and so on. A virtual office will save you the bother.

The work-from-home option
In today’s modern, fast-paced world, many businesses have employees that work full-time from their home. This is a flexible option that also means happy employees, so it’s not hard to see what makes it popular (it’ll also save you money on little things like tea and coffee, as well as office equipment). A virtual office will allow you to do this, but will still allow you to have a proper address.

Get in touch
If you’re looking to set up or expand a business in the UK, give Goodwille a call. We’ve helped nearly 2,000 companies thrive.