Björn Borg.

With stores in seven European countries, BBAB launched into UK in 2007 and now has a London showroom, a distribution centre and retail store. Goodwille helps with accounting, HR, payroll and legal services. Good shot!

What challenges were they facing?
The competition in the UK is fierce, which is a challenge in itself. It has also been challenging to explain the market conditions in the UK to their Swedish counterparts, where everything works very differently. Björn Borg Sweden is extremely well-known but that is not the case in the UK. Therefore, in the early stages, Björn Borg UK has had to focus most of their energy on marketing and sales.

How did Goodwille help them solve it?
Goowille took care of the whole process, including the registration with Companies house, VAT registration and opening of a bank account. This meant that the team at Björn Borg were able to concentrate on developing brand awareness and sales revenue. Goodwille also provided HR support as Björn Borg quickly had to recruit new staff.

What was the outcome?
Björn Borg is today a fast growing UK company with a stable platform. They have ten employees, a showroom in central London, a distribution centre and a retail store opening in October 2012.

“When I first set up Björn Borg UK my colleagues in Sweden suggested Goodwille as the accounting firm to use. Today Goodwille helps us with accounting, HR, payroll and legal services. Really they help us with all the boring, yet important stuff. Goodwille has the necessary knowledge and experience of Scandinavian companies setting up business in the UK. They know what kind of challenges Swedish companies will run into here. They also know what the headquarters in Sweden will ask for, which is a great help”.

Callum Sneddon, Managing Director

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