Blue Mobile Systems.

Supplies software solutions for security companies. “From UK incorporation to company secretarial and admin Goodwille helped us put Blue Mobile Systems on the UK map in a very cost-effective manner.” Good story!

What challenges were they facing?
In 2010, Blue Mobile Systems decided to expand their business into the UK. The reason behind this was both the market potential and the urge to build an international presence. In order to do so, it was crucial for Blue Mobile Systems to quickly understand the new market and to get the company administratively up and running as fast as possible. This in order to be able to focus on establishing and expanding the core business.

How did Goodwille help them solve it?
From the moment of the decision, Blue Mobile Systems has used Goodwille’s services. Goodwille assisted them with the prime incorporation of the new UK limited company.Goodwille simply took care of all the practicalities including setting up a bank account. Today Goodwille is both acting company secretary and is responsible for all their operations, such as answering the phone and the company’s monthly reporting.

What was the outcome?
Following an introduction to Goodwille at an event in Gothenburg, Blue Mobile’s expansion into the UK was very straightforward.

“By letting a specialist deal with the establishment of our company, the business administration burden that we feared, got dealt with in no time. Goodwille helped us to put Blue Mobile Systems on the UK map in a very cost-effective manner. In the end it comes down to the fact that we came to the UK to make business, and by using Goodwille that is what we have managed to do!!”

Peter Andreasson, CEO & Founder

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