Flexion Mobile.

This 2007 start-up is now a leading mobile app monetisation solution with 20 employees and 15 million new users every month! With Goodwille running the back office they had time to focus on their business. Good going Guys.

What challenges were they facing?
Being a tech start-up business on a global market, their main challenge was finding a way to both develop their unique products further and increase user numbers, while increasing brand awareness on the tech market.

How did Goodwille help them?
By making full use of Goodwille’s services – from financial controlling, payroll and HR, to company secretarial and legal support, Flexion Mobile had the time to focus on their business, instead of having to deal with time-consuming and costly administrational duties in-house. Most importantly, precious management time was saved, with the practicality of having all the services provided under one roof being a big bonus.

What was the outcome?
Goodwille gave them the support necessary to be able to completely focus on growing the business, while being entirely transparent. Today, Flexion Mobile is the preferred partner to most of the big-name games publishers and manages the Try&Buy programme for Nokia. In addition to their unique and fully automated wrapper solution, they have more than 15 million new users every month.

“We truly value our partnership Goodwille and, as a fully serviced back office function, they have been instrumental in supporting our rapid growth over the last 5 years – from a small core team of 3 entrepreneurs to a mature midsized business with annual sales of £4M in 2013. We could not have done this amazing journey without them.”

Per Lauritzson, Director and Co-founder

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Responsible from Goodwille:
Jacqui Brown