Geodesign Barriers.

This life saving, flood fighting pallet barrier expanded to the UK over 15 years ago. A small team with a big vision, to protect people and their property from extreme weather conditions – read about their good work.

What challenges were they facing?
With one in six UK properties at risk of flooding and over half a million at significant risk, let alone neighbouring businesses and infrastructure, it was apparent the UK had requirements for temporary barriers – approximately £800m (2014) is spent on flood defence systems in the UK alone.

When you have a unique product you want to get it to a global market quickly. With protection their number one priority and increasing development on floodplains globally, Geodesign Barriers had to act fast. With a small core team based in Linköping Sweden the heartbeat of their international expansion they needed to call in local resources to help get them started.

How did Goodwille help them solve it?
Since their entry into the UK market in 2003, Goodwille have provided Geodesign Barriers a full spectrum of support services, allowing their owner Sten-Magnus to focus on their sales and international development.

Whilst Goodwille take care of their complete back-office function, handling everything from Compliance to Telephone Answering, a local specialist was appointed as their agent to focus on the sales & marketing arm of their business.

What was the outcome?
With projects completed across the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Europe, they are actively working in 23 countries having sold more than 34,000 metres of flood barrier. There is no doubt their barriers are saving lives and millions of pounds worth of damage when they are deployed.

In the UK alone they have supplied thousands of meters of defence systems to local councils and the environmental agency, working on projects at Upton upon Severn, Oxfordshire & Ironbridge, with the product receiving praise from then Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Still, with a small Swedish team at the heart of their operation, they use local contacts and support to help protect people and property from rapidly rising waters levels.

“Using the Goodwille services offers me great peace of mind. I often have to travel worldwide with little warning, working on projects which require my expertise. I can leave the UK operations in the safe hands of Goodwille, knowing they will be able to act for me should it be required in my absence.”

Sten-Magnus Kullberg, Owner of Geodesign Barriers

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