Global Intelligence Alliance.

This Finnish market intelligence services and advisory group found the UK business culture difficult By outsourcing bookkeeping, legal, tax, and payroll services they were able to focus on business development. Good to know.

What challenges were they facing?
The biggest challenge for GIA was the cultural differences. The UK working climate and environment is quite different to that in Finland so it took a while for the company to adapt to this. In general, starting up the business and getting it up and running turned out to be a big test.

How did Goodwille help them solve it?
By using Goodwille’s services for book-keeping, legal support and payroll, GIA was able to focus on expanding and establish their UK business. GIA has continued using these services ever since the establishment of the UK office in 2006. GIA says that is has been essential for them to have a partner that will provide them with the administrational support they need and to have someone they can rely on.

What was the outcome? 
GIA’s team of Research and Monitoring specialists were able focus on becoming local market experts and GIA is today the only company in the world with deep expertise of all aspects of how to set up and operate a corporate market intelligence program.

“What really made Goodwille different was that they understood were we came from, both in terms of our culture as well as speaking the same language (Finnish). The service that Goodwille has provided us with has been invaluable and vital for GIA’s UK presence. What GIA does is to continuously deliver market intelligence to our clients. We are on top of trends and will always have the latest information of our client’s field. Goodwille does the same for us, but by providing administrational services (legal matters, tax, payroll, book-keeping). We have been able to focus on developing our business while having someone who deals with these matters on a regular basis and who can answer our questions. Since we first got in contact with Goodwille seven years ago, we have been very happy with their service and they have helped us a great deal with growing our UK operations.”

Aleksi Grym, Vice President

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