Mawell Care.

Mawell develops cutting-edge healthcare software. Goodwille helped with their UK incorporation, acts as Company Secretary and runs the company’s monthly reporting and payroll. It depends on good local knowledge.

What challenges were they facing?
In 2008, Euromed Networks AB decided to expand their business into the UK, this was later bought by Mawell AB in 2011. The reason behind the expansion was the market potential in the UK and the urge to build an international presence. In order to reach success, it was crucial for the company to quickly understand the new market and to get the company administratively up and running as fast as possible to service the growing international customer base.​

How did Goodwille help them solve it?
As a result of Goodwille’s relationship with Business Sweden, Mawell has been using Goodwille’s services from day one. Goodwille assisted them with the prime incorporation of the UK limited company and took care of practicalities such as setting up a bank account. Today, Goodwille acts as the company secretary for Mawell as well as looking after the company’s monthly reporting and payroll.

What was the outcome?
Following an introduction to Goodwille from members of Business Sweden the incorporation of Mawell UK Ltd was very straightforward.

“When establishing yourself in a foreign market your biggest obstacle is the lack of knowledge around local processes – this lack of knowledge can be costly and time consuming. Therefore by letting a specialist like Goodwille deal with the establishment of our company, the bridging of that “knowledge gap” was achieved.”

Alexander Ryan, International Sales Director, Mawell UK

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Responsible from Goodwille:
Oscar Nadal Ostrom