MultiQ supplies monitor solutions and is now a major player in European Digital Signage. After 2 years with one salesman Goodwille helped set up their own UK subsidiary company with impressive offices. Good ideas.

What challenges were they facing?
When MultiQ first started trading in the UK, it was in the form of a single sales representative who reported directly to the company’s Sweden offices. However, after a couple of years’ steady growth, it became clear they needed to establish their own UK subsidiary – complete with the kind of comfortable, stylish and conveniently located offices that would offer a warm welcome and make a lasting impression on clients and visitors alike.

How did Goodwille help them solve it?
In Goodwille’s first meetings with MultiQ, the discussions focused on the Company Secretarial and HR services Goodwille could offer, but before long, the conversation turned to whether it would also be possible to rent an office space in St James House for use as their UK headquarters. Fortunately, Goodwille had a room available which was just the right size for MultiQ’s small team, they were also offered the full range of Goodwille’s office services, including meeting and reception rooms, a  friendly and professional reception and a messaging service.

What was the outcome?
MultiQ moved into Kensington Square in 2007, and Goodwille is delighted to say that they are still there today. Goodwille still manages their financial accounting, company secretarial and payroll processes and MultiQ regularly uses the facilities to hold client meetings, product demonstrations and training courses for their partner organisations. Indeed, many of MultiQ’s partners have been so impressed with what they have seen that they have subsequently made use of the Goodwille offices themselves when meeting their clients.

In all, working so closely together has really helped to forge a strong and successful relationship with MultiQ, who have become as much a valued colleague as a client.

“Multiq got in contact with Goodwille in 2007 and was very happy to find a company that could take care of all our administrational tasks; legal, payroll, financial administration, within the same firm. Goodwille does not only provide us with great professional service within its field but it is also a company with a dedicated team that encourages you to focus on your business. After all, that is why we are here.”

Marcello Gregorovic, Country Manager UK

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David Roxburgh