A Finnish company producing brain simulation systems now found in more than a hundred of the world’s brain research centres. Goodwille established their UK presence in Warwick and reports back to Finland. Good thinking.

What challenges were they facing?
Nexstim Oy started working with Goodwille when it was time for the company to enter the UK market in 2008. Nexstim Oy’s main market area is the USA but a presence in the UK that is important as well.

How did Goodwille help them solve it?
Goodwille helped Nexstim in registering the UK Limited company and to open a British bank account using Goodwille’s Warwick trading address. Today Goodwille takes care of all of Nexstim’s financial administration, VAT, the company’s insurances and reports back to the parent company in Finland as well as day-to-day assistance.

What was the outcome?
Nexstim´s goal is to become a major supplier of non-invasive CNS devices for diagnostics and therapy. Goodwille has helped Nexstim to achieve the professional image that is required in trading successfully with the National Health Service. The collaboration with Goodwille has been beneficial – Nexstim managed to permanently enter the market on first try and has positive expectations for growth. Nexstim is regarded as a reliable British business and has been featured in the UK’s Public Service Review publication as well as industry press.

Why did Nexstim choose Goodwille?
“Goodwille is easy to work with since they form an effective team. Nexstim always gets reports on time and doesn’t have to research every aspect of UK legislation since Goodwille provides all information when needed. The benefits of outsourcing are significant since more time and energy is available to spend on the critical functions of the company

Janne Huhtala, CEO

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David Roxburgh