Rohrer UK.

An Austrian company specialising in the construction industry. Goodwille used their good knowledge to help establish Rohrer’s UK presence.

Rohrer Group is a large international organisation with subsidiaries and activities in Europe and the Middle East. Rohrer UK is a part of the Rohrer Group which is fully owned and controlled by the parent company Rohrer Beteiligungs-und Verwaltungs-GmbH, a company registered in Austria and controlled by the Director and his family.

The Rohrer Group specialises in industrial cleaning, assembling, turnaround management, scaffolding, insulation and engineering.

What challenges were they facing?
Over the past few years Rohrer Group has become a well-established organisation within the construction industry and in 2012 Rohrer was looking to expand their business into the UK. However, setting up a company in the UK can be complicated and it is therefore essential to have local support with setting up the business and its administration, and to ensure that they were compliant with the UK legislation. Therefore, Advantage Austria referred them to Goodwille as Rohrer was looking for back-office support services.

How did Goodwille help them solve it?
As a result of Goodwille’s relationship with Advantage Austria, Rohrer UK has been using our services from day one. Goodwille assisted them with the prime incorporation of the UK limited company and took care of the practicalities such as opening a UK bank account, VAT registration and HR legal support. Today, Goodwille acts as the company secretary for Rohrer UK as well as looking after their management reporting, bookkeeping and payroll.

What was the outcome?
Following the introduction to Goodwille from Advantage Austria, the incorporation of Rohrer UK in 2012 was very straight forward. Goodwille has provided them with the necessary support to enable Rohrer to completely focus on growing the business whilst being entirely transparent, and Rohrer is doing great.

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Responsible from Goodwille:
Oskari Tammenmaa