Corporate Legal

Good to go. A full and flexible range of legal and company secretarial services to ensure your business stays on the right side of the legal, company and tax rules.

In the UK, a Company Secretary ensures that a business complies with all relevant laws, regulations and reporting requirements. We offer a full and flexible range of company secretarial and legal services to ensure your business stays on the right side of the legal, company and tax rules. These are not things best left to chance – especially when establishing a company in the UK for the first time. Outsourcing these services is the fastest, most cost effective and surest way to get it right first time.

“Goodwille is easy to work with since they form an effective team. Nexstim always gets reports on time and doesn’t have to research every aspect of UK legislation since Goodwille provides all information when needed. The benefits of outsourcing are significant since more time and energy is available to spend on the critical functions of the company”

Janne Huhtala

CEO, Nexstim

“Goodwille has been our Company Secretary for the last 20 years supporting the Stifel financial group with our UK board governance and regulatory needs. We have found that Goodwille brings an independent point of view and a source of practical knowledge we can tap into to meet the demands of a growing business”

Kieran Rayani

European Counsel, Stifel

Already running a UK operation?

Goodwille can provide the outsourced resources, which can prove not only cost saving but also invaluable to the everyday running of your company. We give you the people and systems to monitor and support your activities while ensuring ongoing legal compliance as well as efficient corporate governance. Goodwille has immediate access to first class expertise and highly reputable specialist advisors within its extensive network of partners and subcontractors.

It’s Good to be able to help

How much or how little we do for you is up to you. We share our clients’ ambitions, work to understand their reality and align our incentives with their objectives so they know that “We are in this together and for the long-term”.

Just some of the functions we can provide:

  • Establishment: Company Incorporation, Registration, Articles of association, Intellectual property rights, Sell/Buy Legal Due Diligence, Contracts and Licenses.
  • Essentials: Opening Bank Accounts, VAT applications, Insurances, Data protection, Health and safety checks, Lease and property administration, Terms and conditions.
  • Shareholders: Agreements, Share Option and EMI Schemes, EIS Schemes, Shareholder Liaison and Reporting.
  • Board Responsibilities: Corporate governance, Annual obligations, Board meetings and attendance, Corporate and personal advice.

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