People Management

Good with people. Be sure you’re up-to-date with UK best practice HR.

Our knowledge and experience, particularly in helping overseas companies understand the complications of UK employment law, has been crucial to setting up businesses here. It is so easy to make big mistakes at the outset. Each country has its own cultural approach to employment contracts, rights, obligations and expectations and knowing the practical solutions to transpose business practice from one country to another is our specialty.

“Goodwille were able to lend their support and expertise to the whole process of setting up Mynewsdesk in the UK. Working with Goodwille is very stress free, making our internal process far more fluid and organised, freeing up time that can be spent on establishing and growing the Mynewsdesk brand and business”.

Peter Britten
UK Sales Director, Mynewsdesk

How we can help

We can act simply as your advisor to your in-house HR resource or provide you with a fully outsourced HR department. As much as you need.

As well as preparing your workforce and setting up an efficient payroll system, we can help with:

  • Drawing up contracts of employment / appraisals / reviews
  • Reference checking / training
  • Salary benchmarking and benefits advice
  • Payroll and expenses administration
  • Legislation in multiple jurisdictions
  • UK secondment agreements and applications
  • UK PAYE and National Insurance compliance
  • Pensions and benefits schemes
  • Administration of corporate and personal taxation
  • Liaising with tax authorities / Annual declarations
  • Car leasing, mobile phone contracts and any other support you need

And the technological capability

Our HR services are underpinned by a well-proven cloud-based system called HR@ease, which not only provides a transparent platform for managing your staff, such as their holidays, absences and training times it also acts as a good resource for HR processes and procedures.

If you want to know more about Outsourced HR Services feel free to contact
Jacqui Brown
P: +44 (0)20 7795 8100