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Enter the UK

We’ve helped thousands of business to develop an entry strategy and successfully set up UK establishments and subsidiaries. Start your international expansion.

Grow in the UK

Get the support you need to keep a successful UK operation and grow your business year after year. We can help you grow faster and with a stronger financial position.

Scale in the UK

Reach new market segments and become a sector leading player by scaling your operation with our expert support. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Good For Business

If you’re looking to expand your business from anywhere in the world into the UK, our expert business advisors can make your international expansion hassle-free. For over 20 years, Goodwille have helped hundreds of businesses from a variety of different industries, understand and navigate the complexities of UK business culture.

From setting up your company in the UK to ongoing support with accounting, payroll and more, we offer a range of professional business services to ensure that your new UK establishment or subsidiary is properly administered, managed and monitored. For optimal efficiency, at Goodwille all your business needs are coordinated seamlessly through one company.

Once your new office has been successfully registered in the UK, our business advisory service doesn’t just stop there. We support you every step of the way so your business is not only set up for initial success but to excel in the long term.

If you are interested in discussing our tailored international expansion services and essential corporate solutions please get in touch. We know what’s good for business.

Corporate legal services orange logo

Corporate Governance

Everything you need to enter the UK, with someone to manage the ongoing governance & compliance once you are up and running.

Financial administration services orange logo


With decades of international experience, we will ensure you meet all UK regulatory and reporting obligations from the start.

People management services red and white logo

Human Resources

Supporting employers with UK employees throughout the full employment life cycle, including employee relation issues.

Payroll purple logo


A complete solution for processing payroll and paying UK-based employees, including full benefits administration.

Virtual office purple button logo

Virtual Office

A place in the UK to call your office, with someone to handle your mail and answer your calls, wherever you are based in the world.

A Complete UK
Operation Solution

Our founder, a Swedish business woman who worked within the UK for 30 years, has had a great influence on our company values. The “Scandinavian standard” – rigorous, ethical, scrupulously, honest, straight talking, consensual and dependable – runs through Goodwille, encompassed in our DNA, ensuring that the Scandinavian reputation for the highest quality in manufacturing and service is carried through the entire company. That’s why hundreds of companies have trusted Goodwille to help them enter the UK.

Small Tech Startups
To Global Retail Brands

Over 450 companies trust Goodwille to support their UK operation

Clients We Have Helped Establish In The UK

  • Pet Media Group
    Pets4Homes is the UK’s most popular pet marketplace for private individuals, responsible breeders and rescue centres with over 7 million Britons using the site every month.
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  • Visiba Care
    When Visiba Care was founded in 2014, digital healthcare had not yet become mainstream. However, COVID-19 has catapulted the healthcare industry into a new era, and the number of people interacting with digital healthcare has skyrocketed. Partly driven by circumstances, digital healthcare has jumped a giant leap forward in 2020.
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  • Eleiko
    Swedish fitness brand Eleiko entered the UK to tap into one of the largest fitness markets in the world. When Covid-19 hit in 2020, Eleiko were able to adapt and thrive amidst the challenging circumstances by adjusting from a strictly B2B company to a B2C one.
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  • Rohrer group white logo overlayed mechanical services products being loaded onto a flat bed lorry
    An Austrian company specialising in industrial cleaning, assembling, turnaround management, scaffolding, insulation and engineering. Goodwille used their good knowledge to help establish Rohrer’s UK presence.
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  • Clas Ohlson shop front with overlay white text displaying brand name
    Clas Ohlson
    The famous Swedish hardware chain selling everything from power tools to homewares came to the UK in 2008 and chose Goodwille to handle all their back office needs – everything from company secretarial and accounting to HR and payroll, even virtual office facilities. A good buy.
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  • Fabrique white logo overlayed on fresh bread
    Fancy a fika? This award winning bakery chain and one of Stockholm’s hottest eateries has taken London by storm. Offering delicious sourdough loaves & treats baked in stone ovens it comes as no surprise this is a story of sweet success.
    Read Case Study
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