July 15th, 2021

10 Fintech Companies To Follow in 2021


For the 8th year in a row, Fintech Week London is being held as a five-day event from 12th – 16th July. The week is all about networking and learning about the current themes in Fintech. The Fintech industry is rapidly growing, and there is constantly new breakthrough Fintech’s from around the world, providing smarter ways to pay with & manage your money.

With London Fintech Week in mind, Goodwille have shortlisted some of the hottest Fintech companies that we think deserve some more recognition on a global platform.


The Swedish Fintech company Minna Technologies delivers powerful digital experiences in subscription management by helping retail banks and subscription businesses. Minna are partnering with top-tier banks and are backed by some of the biggest financial companies worldwide! Today, 20 million people are benefiting from Minna Technologies` subscription solutions.

Recently, Minna closed their Series B funding round and raised $18.8 million from investors! This funding is going to be used on expanding their open banking technology to banks globally!

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Tink has made an open banking platform full of services that create real value out of the financial data. They offer tools that enables startups, banks and Fintech`s to create the future of financial services across Europe! Today Tink serve 18 markets, where 14 of them are European! They now have 10 offices across those markets and are headquartered in Stockholm.

Most recently, Tink announced their acquisition by Visa, which will allow Tink to grow even further within their organisation, products and services.

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Meniga serves 100M banking customers across 30 countries with their white-label digital banking solutions. Meniga offer a range of different products such as personal finance management, carbon insight services, predictive analytics, automated real-time notifications, personalised engagement technologies and consumer data analytics. Their products are award-winning, and allows the largest financial institutions to improve their online/mobile digital environment!

This Icelandic Fintech has won several awards and has been featured three times on the FinTech50 list!

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The Norwegian Fintech business Lendonomy helps young people build a healthy and good relationship with credit. Lendonomy has created a mobile-based network for money with the P2P lending core designed for millennials and generation Z.

This Norwegian Fintech has been nominated “Best Bootstrapped Startup” at the Nordic Startup Awards and the “Best Fintech Startup” in Norway – way to go!

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The Danish Fintech solution business Pleo offers smart company credit cards that enable employees to buy all the things they need for work. Pleo believe in a better expense management with visibility on company spend. Today, Pleo have helped 16,000+ clients of all sizes and across all industries. They have just closed their Series C funding round, the biggest ever in Denmark and reaching Unicorn status!

This leading Fintech business has been recognised a lot since their journey started, and has won the prestigious Startup of the Year at the Global Startup Awards!

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The hyped Fintech business, Lunar, has now become a digital bank with a connecting app. The app`s vision is to have all essential financial services bundled together for the users. As a user you can save, spend, invest, get loans and insurance under Lunar`s services. At the moment, Lunar has 200,000 daily users in the Nordics.

Lunar just announced a record Series D funding of €210 million, which is going to be used on a new Nordic financial powerhouse with the aim to serve all their Nordic consumers and businesses.

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Cardlay is helping card issuers and banks to capitalise digitally on existing portfolios worldwide. They’re offering added value within transactions, cards, travel expense management, mileage and VAT reclaim through a software platform that issues, loads and manage expenses and cards with visibility and optimization across all the different processes. Cardlay aim to improve bank`s customers and employees daily business lives by delivering innovative software solutions.

Cardlay has already received a lot of recognition and awards. This Fintech has won “Fintech Scaleup Award” in 2018, along with “Best Payment Solution” and “Best B2B Payments Product”.

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Zwipe is on a mission to make the contactless payment experience more convenient, safe and secure. This Norwegian Fintech business is doing this by connecting the seamless experience of contactless payments with biometrics. These new biometric payment card components enable consumers to authorise a transaction with their own fingerprints without compromising their privacy.

Zwipe is on a mission to shift payments from contactless to contact-free for banks, merchants and consumers!

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BioCatch is a leader in Al-driven behavioral biometrics. They analyze human-device interactions to protect consumers from precious data. This digital identity company has expertise in neural science research, machine learning and cybersecurity. Banks and big companies use BioCatch as protection against cyber threats whilst reducing online fraud.

In terms of funding, BioCatch has completed Series C funding which led to a $145 million investment led by Bain Capital. Today, BioCatch has a number of investors who believe their innovative technology really is the future of financial security!

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This German Fintech, Raisin, is a leading pan-European wealth management platform, connecting retail customers with different financial institutions that are looking to expand/diversify their deposit reach. They have around 90+ partner banks, providing a scalable access to funding pools at a low and variable cost. This leading Fintech business has been featured on The FinTech50 list 4 years in a row and has raised over €195 million in funding from investors. Among these investors are Goldman Sachs, Index Ventures, Paypal and Thrive Capital!

The Raisin platforms has satisfied 250,000 customers and surpassed billions in deposits invested through the platform.

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London remains the global FinTech capital of the world, and for many start-ups they have set their sights on successfully starting up in London. Goodwille have been helping companies of all sizes from around the world to successfully expand their business into the UK, working with FinTech businesses from around the world.

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