July 31st, 2023

8 Ways to Improve Employee Wellbeing

Discover 8 simple tried and tested ways to improve employee wellbeing to further productivity and job satisfaction.

  1. Recognition and praise is part of our culture at Goodwille – We have the Above & Beyond scheme which is where our employees have the chance to nominate each other to win a £200 wellness voucher when they go above and beyond at work. We also reward those who have completed the most volunteering missions throughout the course of the year to encourage our employees to get involved with the local community. Volunteering benefits the mind, the local community and even the body according to many studies, which is why we allow our employees to take time off to participate in volunteering opportunities they want to get involved with. The aim of this is to boost our employee wellbeing levels but as we are partnered with onHand, it means we also contribute towards sustainability by planting trees when we complete volunteering missions too.
  2. Employee perks are crucial for retention, maintaining a positive work environment and a high level of employee wellbeing. This is why we offer Perkbox to all our employees which is our all-in-one employee reward and recognition platform. Our employees benefit from thousands of deals and discounts and a huge range of benefits at no cost to them, as well as curated wellbeing content covering an array of topics that they can access at any time. If you want help introducing a range of benefits to your team, our HR team can help you with this.
  3. Employee wellbeing surveys are great ways to see what we do well and the areas we could focus on when looking to improve employee wellbeing. The surveys are designed to offer long term value to both the team and business, giving insight into what our employees want to see improving in order to enhance their wellbeing.
  4. Social events are a huge perk of working at Goodwille as we have a generous social budget to treat the team to each year. We encourage employees to develop friendships at work which goes hand in hand with our corporate value ‘stronger together’. Collaboration and communication are key to a productive workforce. We also have a buddy scheme in place for new starters and put in place coffee roulette to encourage co-workers to be collaborative and social at work.
  5. Mental Health first aid training is something we have implemented in both of our offices in hope to proactively manage health and wellbeing at work and minimise the impact of mental ill health among our team. This has enabled us to promote and maintain a healthy workplace and our employees know there is always someone there to support and listen if they need it.
  6. Hybrid working enables employees to work from home or the office each week, contributing to a better work-life balance. We recognise that workplace wellness isn’t just about physical health, it’s about overall quality of life which is why we have a hybrid working policy in place for our team. If you need support and advice or a policy on hybrid working, our HR team can help you with this.
  7. Healthy, ergonomic workspaces include 5 aspects which are; safety, comfort, ease of use, performance and aesthetics. Our offices are designed to be ergonomic so our employees can work productively in an environment which they feel comfortable in, both in the offices and when working from home. We have kitted out our offices with supportive chairs, standing desks, ergonomic keyboards, adjustable monitors and footrests, as well as ensuring there are breakout spaces for the team to socialise and take breaks in which helps reduce stress and promote creativity away from their desks.
  8. Enhanced Policies assist in productivity and increased motivation amongst staff. Enhanced policies which Goodwille can help you with include sickness, paternity, maternity, annual leave and many more which are designed to improve staff morale. Get in touch with our HR team who can help put robust policies in place for your business.