April 6th, 2020

8 Ways to Keep Up the Team Spirit When Working From Home

Is it just us, or is working from home starting to take its toll on your mental wellbeing as well? Without the social aspect of coming into the office every day and seeing your fellow colleagues, might not only affect you personally, but also affect the sense of belonging and team spirit.

Therefore, we have come up with eight fun and creative ways to engage with your colleagues and to keep up the team spirit when working remotely!

1. Team competitions

Whether it is a pub quiz or a photo contest, competitions usually brings out plenty of engagement amongst colleagues. At Goodwille, we use Kahoot! to create fun yet informative quizzes for our staff.

Also – a great benefit of photo contests are the great social media content it can potentially create!

2. Make a joint playlist

Use Spotify, YouTube, or another streaming service to create a joint playlist for everyone in your team, so they can share their favourite tunes. Why not create separate categories for different occasions? Perhaps one “focus” playlist – perfect for those tight deadlines! Or one workout-playlist to encourage daily exercise, one playlist for relaxation… you get it – be creative.

3. Don’t forget the coffee break!

We might not physically be in the same office, but that shouldn’t stop us from catching up over coffee, right? Start a virtual “Coffee Break” channel in your communication platform or set up a daily 15-minute video conference with your team to casually catch-up over a hot drink.

4. Form a virtual book/movie club

Now that we no longer need to spend time behind the wheel or on the train, we suddenly have so much more time on our hands! So, why not start reading that novel that’s sitting in your bookshelf and collecting dust, or watch that movie you always meant to see? And – encourage your colleagues to do the same!

5. Virtual Friday drinks

With COVID-19, we are experiencing a lot of life change, which gives us another good reason not to quit our good, old habits! Of course, Friday Drinks is one of them. Allocate 30 minutes (or more!) each Friday afternoon for everyone to grab a drink, unwind, and catchup together over video link. Team Goodwille usually include a game or a quiz to spice things up – we suggest you do the same!

6. Online Exercising

Does someone within your team have a hidden talent of teaching Zumba or yoga classes..? If not, there are plenty of resource online where you can pretty much have your own personal trainer coaching you virtually in your living room. Turn it into a team activity and you have your daily exercise plus some social time sorted!

7. Language Exchange

Is your team, just like ours, very culturally diverse? Why not take the opportunity of connecting virtually with a co-worker while learning a new language! If you’re lucky, you will bond over more things than just learning/teaching new language skills.

8. Throw a virtual birthday bash

Hopefully this list inspired you to dedicate some time and effort in keeping up your team spirit virtually. We also want to remind you not to forget to celebrate birthdays, holidays, company anniversaries and successes, even though you are not physically in the office. Order a cake and a present, decorate the room and blow out some candles. Utilize what modern technology has to offer and keep up the team spirit!