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Our mission is to make your international expansion smooth and efficient by providing all the support you need under one roof. Over 500 clients trust Goodwille to be the backbone of their UK operations – come join them!

Where it all started

In the 1990s, companies setting up a business in the UK would turn to firms of lawyers, accountants, bankers and a whole array of other professionals for advice on how to get their new businesses up and running. However, no one kept it all together under one roof. Our Founder, Swedish national, Annika Goodwille, believed there was a better way and a need to simplify the entry into the UK market. She founded Goodwille in 1997 with a vision of creating one centralised source of advice for overseas companies looking for support in the UK market.

Where we are now

In our more than 25-year history, we have helped more than 2,000 companies successfully develop their businesses in the UK through our support services. Thanks to our Swedish roots, we have strong ties to the Nordic market, but we are also increasingly working globally. Whether you are looking to set up a UK subsidiary, register a UK branch or recruit UK based employees, we can provide all the essential business services you need for your UK operations – all seamlessly through one company. The services we don’t offer can be found in our partner network, making us a true go-to partner for your business needs.

What Makes Us Different

Several factors set us apart from other service providers. Here are some things we believe make us different and uniquely positioned to help international clients enter, grow and scale in the UK.

We tailor our services to your unique situation and business needs.

From pre-revenue startups to global listed retail chains, we work with companies of all sizes and across industries. Whether you want to start small or launch your operations with full-scale support, we customise our service package to your business needs, so you only pay for what you really need.  And while no two clients are the same, the quality of our support is.

We work closely with you – just like an in-house team would.

Our aim is to be an extension of your in-house team – not a distant service provider with whom you have no relationship. This hands-on approach guarantees that we can support you at each stage of your business journey, and you always have a partner by your side when you face new challenges.

We help you understand and interpret the vital cultural differences.

Our clients are headquartered around the world, with a strong focus on Northern Europe (Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark & Iceland), Central Europe (France, Germany, Austria & Switzerland) and the USA. This cross-border, multi-cultural experience and international staff that speaks many different European languages is your assurance of success in the new market.

We provide efficient and easy access to all your back-office procedures.

We pride ourselves on our leading-edge, automated IT solutions – all developed to simplify and streamline business for our clients. From legal requirements and financial reporting to people management, our wide range of different web-based systems and tools gives you the access and visibility you need into your back-office operations.

Our Corporate Values

We take the initiative, striving to exceed your expectations, communicating clearly and acting with pride & precision. We are forward thinking, taking ownership of our responsibilities whilst sharing our experiences to help one another be successful.

Our approach is inclusive, working collaboratively to achieve great things, together. And, through our diverse & growing community, we build sustainable & mutually beneficial relationships with one another.

Integrity runs through our core and we provide an ethical, open & honest working environment. We remain transparent & approachable, trusting one another to deliver.

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