October 14th, 2016

Agent for Service: harnessing globalisation

Setting up a company or subsidiary company in the UK today has become easier than ever as we live and work in an age of globalisation. That means local high streets have developed a homogenised format, with virtually every one of them looking identical as global brands obtain a local presence and prominence.

It is not just in retail, either. Major service industries such as banking, foreign exchange and financial and insurance services compete in a global marketplace. What is more, globalisation has opened up economies and markets, making the national international and, in some cases, even supra-national.

The liberalisation of trade, and the deregulation of capital markets – bolstered by rapid technological innovations – are also reducing transport costs, facilitating instantaneous methods of cost-effective communication, both internally and externally. This enables virtually any type of business (manufacturing or service industry) to easily engage in cross-border transactions or set up shop, almost anywhere.

That may all be well and good, but how can any one business or individual service provider cope with the cross-cultural challenges, language differences and labyrinthine legal variations involved in entering a ‘foreign’ marketplace?

The simplest and most effective way to safely open a UK office for your company, for example, or outsource elements of your business activity is to use an agent for service. Essential for all non-UK based companies, an agent for service is able to register your company and accept tax and other legal documents on your behalf. Other aspects covered by agents for service include: Corporate Legal (company incorporation, insurances, registrations), Financial Administration (bookkeeping, reporting, VAT, CIS, EC Sales), HR (contracts, secondments), Payroll and Virtual Offices (trading address, telephone answering). A company based in Sweden, for example, wishing to establish a UK subsidiary (or subsidiaries) can do so, all through the one-stop-shop of an agent for service.

Since your registered agent’s address remains constant, you can change or multiply your business location(s) without having to file additional paperwork to change your address every time you move. With a registered agent, you can harness globalisation to your advantage.

Goodwille can act as Agent for Service for your business, and we also offer support with everything you need to run a UK operation; Corporate Legal & Compliance, Finance, HR, Payroll and Virtual Offices. Get in touch with us to find out how we can support your business.