March 18th, 2021

Nordic companies making urban life more sustainable

Clean Cities

Today, the 18th of March, is the Global Recycling Day, therefore we are listing 7 Nordic companies making life in the city more sustainable. The acceleration of urbanisation affects millions of people around the world, creating challenges for health, safety and the environment. It also creates a growing global demand for solutions for making urban life more sustainable. Nordic innovations are always a hot topic and the Nordic countries of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Finland are recognised worldwide for being at the forefront of technology with significant success in the field of sustainable solutions. 

We are listing 7 Nordic start-ups making cities more environmentally friendly in 2021; 


Swedish Envac is market leaders in the implementation of next-generation recycling and resource-efficient waste handling. Holding projects like the implementation of the pneumatic waste collection system in the city of Bergen in Norway, enabling automatic collection of waste of up to 30,000 apartments multiple times each day, furthermore providing patients and health care workers with sanitary and safe waste collection solutions for multiple hospitals in China. Envac’s vision is to create smart cities, improve quality-of-life today and help ensure a more sustainable planet for future generations. 


Swedish Voi, the climate-neutral micro-mobility company has been on everyone’s lips the last years. They are with their smart e-scooters in partnership with cities and local communities around Europe building a more sustainable urban transport system by reducing traffic, pollution and noise. Currently the number one European scooter operator with over 4 000 000 users. Offered free rides for Medical and Emergency Service workers across Europe during the covid-19 pandemic. Voi was formed by the vision of cities made for living, free from noise and pollution.


Norwegian Zaptec is a world leader in cloud-connected charging systems for multiple electric vehicles. The global shift to electric vehicles brings forward significant challenges in charging infrastructure, therefore Zaptecm has with leading-edge Norwegian green tech built the world’s smallest smart 22kw charger. Zaptec’s vision is to change how we think about electric mobility renewable energy and infrastructure to make the planet more sustainable for generations to come.


Icelandic Klappir is an environmental and sustainability platform providing tools and support to increase businesses sustainability and decrease the environmental footprint. Klappir is committed to the ongoing development of software solutions that enable businesses, municipalities, and governments to manage their sustainability in a transparent, reliable and cost-efficient way.

Spacemaker AI

Norwegian Spacemaker AI is designing urban site plans to meet the ever-increasing requirements of modern society. The rapid increasing urbanization and the slow and low-quality site development is a real threat to sustainable urban growth. Spacemaker tackles this challenge with artificial intelligence and the power of the cloud.


Finnish Fourdeg, a heating optimisation service created for better usage of energy with intelligent heating. The innovation improves indoor comfort and saves on heating costs with lower heating energy consumption and demand-side management for property owners, commercial buildings and offices. The founders wanted to create not only a profitable but meaningful business with a high environmental impact. 


Finnish Kyyti offers a platform enabling user-friendly access to sustainable and intermodal mobility. They plan, design and deploy solutions for boroughs, public transport authorities, transport operators and corporations. Their mission is to provide a key platform that solves problems across the entire global transportation sector by enabling sustainable personalized daily mobility alternatives.

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