July 6th, 2022

Goodwille x Tech Rocketship Awards 2022

The Perfect Relationship:

Goodwille have a proud history of aligning with many European scale-ups who are in the infancy of their expansion into the UK. During our 25 year history, we have helped thousands of businesses from across the globe to enter, grow & scale into the UK market.

Goodwille has had extremely successful partnerships with ‘The Nordic Startup Awards’ and more recently ‘The Global Startup Awards’. This year Goodwille has taken this one step further by partnering with the Tech Rocketship Awards 2022 – sponsored by the UK’s Department for International Trade – in the hope that we can continue to propel adventurous European companies into the UK marketplace.

Over the years, the Tech Rocketship Awards have become renowned for unearthing European scale-ups and providing them a platform to enter the UK market. Goodwille’s expertise in embedding similar companies within the UK business climate means that this will be a fruitful partnership.

‘The UK is your launchpad to the world and the Tech Rocketship Awards will accelerate your growth.’ (


How The Tech Rocketship Awards 2022 Works:

This year, the all-encompassing Tech Rocketship Awards 2022 is split into six main categories, including scale-up companies from Europe, Israel and Turkey:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • 5G
  • AgriTech
  • Digital Health
  • Cyber Security
  • Climate Tech


Please Note; In order to qualify, the European, Israeli or Turkish applicant must have been trading for at least six months and yet to have entered the UK market. Further still, the applicant must provide a product or service that is internationally applicable and currently available on the market whilst proving they have a minimum of three employees and a current annual turnover of at least £25,000.


The Event Structure:

STEP 1 – APPLICATION (28 February – 1 May 2022)

STEP 2 – Sifting & Country Events (1 May – 7 June 2022):  All applicants will go through a sifting phase whereby the most eligible and successful candidates, in their chosen category, will be determined.

From here the chosen companies will be entered into a local event (in-person or virtual) and three winners will be selected for each country, based on the decisions of an expert panel.


Semi-finalists will be chosen by an expert panel and announced, by email, during London Tech Week

STEP 4 –  VIRTUAL SEMI-FINALS (During w/c 12 September 2022)

An expert panel  will listen to eighteen semi-finalists pitch their company during two Tech Rocketship Awards Semi-Finals, held virtually.

STEP 5 – IN-PERSON GRAND FINALE (1 November 2022)

The six selected finalists will get to pitch live to a high profile judging panel and the top three Tech Rocketship Awards winners (gold, silver and bronze) will be crowned during the Grand Finale.

The six Tech Rocketship Awards winners will travel to the UK and attend a three day bespoke business development programme.


The Prize At Stake

As aforementioned, the Tech Rocketship Awards were always designed with the intention of unearthing global scale-ups and providing them a platform to be propelled into the UK market. In order to do this, the awards offer a tantalising prize package.

By winning the Tech Rocketship Awards 2022 you will be entered into a bespoke, three day business development programme in the UK, and benefit from business mentoring by way of tech and entrepreneurship experts.

Furthermore, the selected winner will secure incredible exposure within the UK Market, benefiting from the Department of International Trades diverse network of investors and even wider acclaim through its promotional activities.

Finally the successful candidate will secure a wide ranging investment package which will include all necessary services to de-risk and simplify your investment in the UK.

‘The Tech Rocketship Awards winners in each category will be taken on an exclusive business development mission to the UK and receive support from the UK Government and our partners to help your business easily establish, grow and succeed in the UK.’  (


Expanding to The UK

If you would like any further support or advice on how best to branch into the UK market as a start-up then please feel free to explore our website further or contact our Marketing Manager, James Service.

Further still, if you need any more event specific information then please contact:

Sandra Marin| Europe Tech Campaign Programme Manager |

Or alternatively, you can list your queries on the pages below: