March 4th, 2022

Kevin Rutter marks 6 Months as CEO of Goodwille

On September 1st, 2021, Goodwille announced that Kevin Rutter, previously CFO of Goodwille, had taken over from Alexander Goodwille and is now our newly appointed CEO. With an abundance of experience having held leadership positions in growing professional service businesses, everyone at Goodwille can really appreciate the smooth transition between leaders.

We sat with Kevin to ask him how he has found the last few months:


Q: How are you liking the new responsibility of becoming CEO of Goodwille? How has the shift been, going from CFO to CEO?

So far so good I’m pleased to say!

As an SME with an internationally focussed and growing team, staying close to our people is key. Whilst at the same time allowing freedom for those great ideas to flow through to conclusion. I see my role very much one of steering and supporting this.

Many have asked about the shift from CFO to CEO. Whilst there are, of course, some changes they are perhaps not as significant as you may first think. This is largely a consequence of the fact that we already operated as a very tight team, and I was always involved in our key decision making and always tried to stay close to the teams. I see this as key for all senior manager positions in a business like Goodwille. That said an important change for me is that I feel much better placed to continue to build across the business in a more consistent and aligned way.

Q: What does your typical day look like?

That’s the great thing about my role, no two days are the same. But, as a guide an average day would consist of checking in with team heads; looking at the state of play with new and prospective clients (inevitably requiring meetings with each); talking to our partners who play a key role in allowing us to deliver fully in a wide range of areas to our clients and, not forgetting of course looking to find great Goodwille people. Then there is the where; living in the Midlands I spend my time between our Warwick and Westminster offices out with clients and, hopefully again soon, visiting clients and contacts in their home markets.

Q: Is there any company achievements you’re proud of since becoming CEO of the company?

Since the start of the pandemic, as a business we have done well despite the circumstances. Everyone remained actively employed at Goodwille and nobody was furloughed. As a team, we came together and did what we do best to get through. Our HR and Payroll departments became fundamental to our clients with the pandemic affecting many of their employees. Similarly, when BREXIT came into place at the beginning of the year. We tackled these challenges head on and provided our clients an excellent level of support during challenging times- I think that’s something we can all be proud of. And through all of that we delivered great growth.

Q: Is there anything you’ve found challenging since becoming CEO?

In many ways I find it easier as I feel the new role gives me more freedom to get involved in more of what I see as being the right areas for both me and the business. But finding the time to do everything we want to do is so difficult! Key to this is continuing to build team strength and focus my time where I can make a difference. The years seem to go by so quick so it’s critical we create a strong plan in terms of what we want to focus on over the next 12-24 months and beyond is a crucial part our success.

Q: What plans have you got for Goodwille?

Right now, we have a real focus on people, team and culture. I believe great businesses that want to deliver excellent client service are built on great people. So, hiring the right people is important to me. But I see that as the start of our next phase, from where we can drive forward our plans in a number of areas; most notably to move to new markets, broaden our service offering in all teams and to forge strong bonds with key partners.

Q: Goodwille celebrates its 25th year this coming Autumn – how will you celebrate?

In usual Goodwille style I expect! Goodwille are known for throwing the best events so I’m sure it will be bigger and better than ever. After all, 25 years is a long time! We will welcome clients and partners to a summer party taking place in London. I won’t say too much more but I have a feeling it will be our best yet!