23rd June 2016
The United Kingdom European Union membership referendum took place, commonly known as the Brexit referendum. It resulted in 51.9 per cent of votes being in favour of leaving.

29th March 2017
The then Prime Minister Theresa May triggered Article 50 of the Treaty on the European Union, which began the UK’s withdrawal.

29th March 2019
The UK was originally due to leave the EU. The process was delayed as the Withdrawal Agreement drafted and negotiated by the then Prime Minister Theresa May was not approved in the British Parliament.

7th June 2019
Theresa May announced she will resign as Prime Minister.

23rd July 2019
Boris Johnson is elected new leader of the Conservative party.

24th July 2019
Boris Johnson becomes the UK’s new Prime Minister.

3rd September 2019
Parliament returns from recess. The new session will commence in which the Prime Minister will have to battle the pro-EU Members of Parliament as his intention is to leave the EU on 31st October 2019.

29th September – 2nd October 2019
Conservative party conference. The first official outing for Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, where he will set the course for his premiership. His first conference speech is likely to carry even more significance as Brexit day (31st October 2019) will barely be a month away.

17th – 18th October 2019
EU Summit. The last scheduled EU summit before the UK is set to exit the EU.

31st October 2019
Brexit day. The UK is set to leave the EU on this date, be it with or without a deal. EU leaders have stated that the UK will have to choose to either carry through with a no-deal Brexit, ratify the Withdrawal Agreement or cancel its departure entirely. The EU is not willing to discuss renegotiations and considering Boris Johnson’s stance of Brexit, a no-deal scenario is thus increasingly likely.

31st December 2020
End of transition period. Even with the UK’s departure from the EU having been delayed, the date for the end of the transition remains unchanged. This means that instead of being a 21-month transition from 31st March 2019 when the UK originally was to complete its exit, it will now be a 14-month transition from 31st October 2019.

31st December 2022
The backstop commences. According to the provisional withdrawal treaty, if ‘no-deal’ to avoid a hard border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland is in place by this point, the backstop will automatically come into effect. This means that the UK will remain in a temporary customs union with the EU.

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