Bullying & Harassment
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Employers have a responsibility to their workforce, to provide them with a safe & positive working environment that is free from bullying & harassment. This course will outline your core employer responsibilities, help you identify areas of concern within your organisation, and advise you on what you can be doing to mitigate any problems. Being able to demonstrate that you have provided training on this topic to your workforce may be advantageous in the future. See below a full overview of the course & instructions on how to enrol.

Course Overview (12 mins)

Welcome & Course Overview
Understanding the difference between bullying & harassment

Social Exclusion
What is social exclusion?

Managing Bullying & Harassment
Why is it important to manage workplace bullying & harassment?

Employer & Employee Responsibilities
What are the risks to both employers & employees, and what should both parties be doing?

What to do if accused of Bullying?
As an employee, what should you do if you are accused of bullying?

Sexual Harassment
Understanding & debunking with myths of sexual harassment

Check your employees have listened, and ensure they pass this quiz.

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