“We were in contact with a few different providers but chose Goodwille because of its unrivalled industry experience of supporting business in the UK as well as their cultural knowledge having strong connections to Scandinavia and other parts of Europe. The team represented by many different nationalities has created a wide understanding of businesses from various countries, something that a pure UK accountancy or law firm would not be able to offer us. In addition to the services that we are using Goodwille for, they also helped us looking for office space and never hesitated to connect me with other people from their network which might help us grow our business”.

Andrew Ely, UK Managing Director (previous)

What Challenges Were
They Facing?

One of the biggest challenges, which are easily underestimated by businesses entering the UK, was the cultural aspect. UK is a very particular market and even if it might seem similar to Sweden, the business environment has a very different feel to it. This is crucial to get around and understand in order to reach success in the UK.

How Did Goodwille Help Them
Solve It?

Goodwille has been assisting Almondy since they first entered the UK in 2005 with everything from company formation to payroll and financial administration. Goodwille also helped them with implementing efficient software systems which have been vital in their ability to grow their business.

What Was
The Outcome?

Today, the company are selling around 3 million cakes per year. They are sold in all four major supermarkets in the UK (Tesco, ASDA, Morrison and Sainsburys) and the company has been experiencing great success so far.

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