“We have been using Goodwilles’ services for a number of years, for ourselves and promoting them to our clients. They have always provided an efficient and professional service and being able pick up the phone to discuss specific and sometimes complex details in our mother tongue is invaluable.”

Georg Karabaczek, Trade Commissioner & Commercial Counsellor London (previous)

What Challenges Were
They Facing?

When the Austrian Embassy Commercial Section looked to outsource their payroll they wanted to use a flexible service provider with whom they already had an established relationship – someone they could rely and trust. With the added benefit of having Austrian speaking employees and specialists in assisting companies cross border expansion, Goodwille seemed like the sensible choice.

How Did Goodwille Help Them
Solve It?

With a UK based team of six employees, Goodwille have processed the payroll for the Austrian Embassy Commercial Section since January 2014. Outsourcing their payroll administration has helped ensure the salary calculations are done efficiently and accurately, so their employees are paid on time, everytime.

What Was
The Outcome?

Our payroll software which is integrated with HMRC ensures the employee’s tax codes are always up-to-date and our online tool, ePayslips, provides employees secure online access to their payslips, 24/7.

Austrian Embassy chose Goodwille for these services

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