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As a company firmly grounded in values of community and progressiveness, our commitment to sharing our success through support for meaningful causes and initiatives is unwavering.

For a span of more than 15 years, Goodwille has remained dedicated to championing the cause of the MicroLoan Foundation, a charitable organisation. This endeavor was particularly cherished by the late Founder of Goodwille, Annika Goodwille, and in her legacy, we have sustained our dedication.

The noble mission of the MicroLoan Foundation resonates deeply with us. This organisation extends a helping hand to women across Africa, empowering them to establish their own businesses. Through the provision of modest business loans and continuous training, these women are equipped to chart their path towards financial sustainability. By doing so, they can navigate their way out of poverty, achieving newfound independence and prosperity.

Our Chosen Charity

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The MicroLoan Foundation is a UK-based microfinance charity that provides small loans, business training and ongoing guidance to groups of women in sub-Saharan Africa. In doing so, it helps these women to build businesses capable of sustained success, allowing them to work their way out of poverty and providing much needed food and education for their families.

Their group of 16 women – the Tapiwa (meaning ‘we have been given’ in Ngoni) – supports a total of 96 children by selling maize and conducting various other trading enterprises, all funded by their loans.

MicroLoan gives hopes, not handouts and provides the poorest women in sub-Saharan Africa with the tools and skills needed to work their way out of poverty, and support to become self-sufficient. We think this is a great cause and are proud to support MicroLoan Foundation in their work with helping women create better lives for themselves and their community. To read more about the MicroLoan Foundation, please visit:

Money Raised by Goodwille since 2019

Alifosina Mkonde: The difference £22 can make

Mrs Alifosina Mkonde is the proud mother of eight children, and lives in the outskirts of Lilongwe, Malawi. 11 years ago, she set up a small grocery stall selling rice, groundnuts and maize to support her family. She dreamed that her children would get the education she never had. In reality, the family lived in extreme poverty and often went for weeks without food. Imagine the heartache of putting your children to bed hungry.

Determined to make a change, Mrs Mkonde joined a MicroLoan group in 2012, receiving extensive business training and a loan of just £22.

Mrs Mkonde had a vision, and MicroLoan was there to help. Over time, her loans grew and she used her entrepreneurial training, coaching and mentoring to turn her stall into a shop, and later built a mill at the heart of the village.

Now on her 12th loan cycle, has a team of paid employees and her mill serves local farmers, local businesses and has created many jobs in her community.

Mrs Mkonde, mother, super-entrepreneur and owner of an entire business empire.

Her family, and other families in the community, no longer face hunger, and her eldest three children are at college studying nursing, IT and insurance. And it all began with a £22 loan and training from MicroLoan.

Jennifa's Story

Goodwille participation in MicroLoan Initiatives

Slide Sara’s Trip to Zambia
In 2022, Sara, one of our Financial Controllers, embarked on an unforgettable journey to Zambia. She took part in the Zambezi Challenge organised by MicroLoan: The adventure of a lifetime – rafting on the Zambezi where she took on over 21 rapids, some of the toughest in the world. She also visit women in MicroLoan’s network in Zambia and visited a game reserve safari. Amazingly, Sara raised over £1000 in donations through friends and family. Read more about her trip here. Next
Slide Next WLA Coachathon Goodwille supported the third WLA Coachathon, a 24-hour global coaching marathon ran in participation with MicroLoan. Coaches gave their time for free so that anyone, anywhere can book a coaching session after making a donation to MicroLoan Foundation. Goodwille made a donation on behalf of everyone in the company, allowing them to receive 45 minute tailored coaching sessions at zero cost to any employee! Slide Raffles at our Winter Warmers Next During our annual Winter Warmer event, an occasion that unites our clients and staff for an unforgettable evening, we actively contribute to the cause of Microloan through a raffle. We collect an array of generously donated prizes and encourage ticket sales throughout the night.. The impact has been significant, with the funds raised surging from £850 in 2021 to an impressive £1500 in 2022.

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