June 13th, 2023

Just Technologies

At Just their mission is to provide corporate treasurers with the information leverage required to avoid being exploited by their financial services providers. Their long-term vision is a world where businesses around the can run their financial operations and trade activities with a crystal clear view and understanding of financial cost and risk exposure. Their first product, Just FX Analytics has the following benefits for companies that are exposed to FX: Understand what makes up an FX rate; Quotes issued by FX providers does not reflect the real market rates that banks trade at.

There are several layers of mark-up being applied along the way. Access institutional-grade market data; Just provides insight previously only accessible to professional traders, and uses Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) tools to uncover price-discrimination and inefficient execution by FX providers. Optimize your FX prices; Knowing the true cost of FX enables improved trade decisions.