May 30th, 2023


Grounded in Wall Street and enabled by technology, Mirador combines powerful data science with deep financial expertise to provide best-of-breed services to those who serve significant wealth; Single Family Offices, Wealth Managers and RIAs, Endowments and Foundations.

Their services include:

Consolidated Financial Reporting – They operate industry-leading 3rd party systems to aggregate and report on family assets, no matter where they are custodied. Award-winning reporting service that identifies opportunities and exposes risks across all asset classes – liquid securities, alternative investments, hard assets and collectibles.

Expert Services – They counsel wealth advisors on their specific technology needs before designing, sourcing and implementing a custom solution. Unlike many providers who leave, they will stay and act as oCTO if desired (operating and maintaining your system) allowing advisors to focus on value creation.

Middle Office Services – Mirador support existing client teams in the important but often time-consuming middle office tasks vital to a smooth Adviser operation. Whether direct client advocate support or in combination with our technology stack, clients select and pay for only what they need.

Advisor-Client Portal – With an award-winning Gateway portal, it allows advisors and clients to connect securely to share timely information and build lasting relationships. With a personalized dashboard and standard-setting features, Gateway extends the digital environment to create a seamless and secure client experience.