May 25th, 2023


The app is predominantly used by retail stores and the service industry due to their need for flexibility and sleek style. Our apps’ specialty lies in the ease of communication, information flow, improving retail sales, product- and brand training and marketing.

The Relesys Performance App aims to bridge the gap between HQ and employees. They make it possible for HQ to send out direct messages, share important news and provide a set of tools so that each employee can allocate their time on their work tasks.

The Relesys Performance App empowers individuals to check their KPIs and see how they perform within their team and store at any moment. With different built in quizzes and product learning-videos, learning is not only easy but fun. The platform can have many different features and will be customized to fit the lifestyle and mindset of your company.

Relesys operates in both Europe and the U.S., and we aim to take businesses into the future with new features inspired by the technological advancements of our world.