May 30th, 2023


Weld was founded in Copenhagen in 2021 by tech veterans Jonas Thordal, Jakob Skytte and Jakob Kristensen. All three were early members of startup success Pleo, where they took part in building the data infrastructure from scratch. That’s where they saw that getting value out of data was a lot easier said than done – so they decided to build a better solution.

Getting value out of customer data is (really) difficult – Fueled by massive cloud adoption, companies today are using more SaaS tools than ever before. Scattered data in different SaaS tools, databases and spreadsheets forces misalignment on key metrics resulting in distrust and siloed reporting.

Weld is the answer to this problem – an end-to-end data operations platform, built on top of the data warehouse. All data operations – from ingestion, to modelling, to activation – happen from within the Weld app. The result is a much faster time to insight, at a fraction of the cost.