Corporate Governance Services by Goodwille

Leave your UK establishment or subsidiary administration in safe hands by appointing Goodwille as your Company Secretary. Our experts will keep your business fully compliant with UK regulatory and compliance requirements and ensure that any decisions made by the board of directors are implemented.

Goodwille works with international organisations seeking to establish business operations in the UK and assists them in meeting their UK regulatory and compliance obligations – reducing associated risks for key stakeholders. It should be noted that Corporate Governance is about maintaining and elevating the highest of standards in the structures and procedures used to manage a company, which is controlled by that Company’s board of directors.

Goodwille’s role as Company Secretary and corporate governance advisors enables our international clients to focus on delivering business objectives for their organisations.  They rely on our team to provide cost-effective governance and compliance expertise, counteracting the ever-increasing risks associated with potential non-compliance. 

Our Governance Department provides advice and services to a large number of client companies from various sectors (for example technology, computer software, hospital & healthcare, retail & fashion and financial services) and jurisdictions.

  • We can provide significant cost savings for your company 
  • Immediate start with onsite service delivery available 
  • Elimination of employment “ongoing costs”
  • No key person dependency 
  • Fixed point of contact with an experienced and qualified Chartered Secretary / Chartered Governance Professional
  • Access to a team with broad experience and depth of knowledge 
  • Continued commitment to best practice in Corporate Governance
  • Special project or advisory support services 

Goodwille is here to tailor a solution to suit you, providing your Directors and Senior Managers with peace of mind. Ask a professional, contact us today to discuss a solution that’s right for your company.

Understanding the multi-faceted role of the Company Secretary and how this is constantly changing is a matter of importance in the world of Corporate Governance and therefore the role of Company Secretary is an essential part of corporate life for all companies.  

The role of the Company Secretary is much more than administrative. At its best, it delivers strategic leadership, adding significant value as a vital bridge between the executive management and the board and facilitating the delivery of the organisational objectives all this whilst ensuring the Company is meeting their UK regulatory and compliance obligations.

 It is not compulsory for limited companies, but it can help to have a local expert when you need it especially when operating in uncharted territory as it is the case of our international clients. Learn more about the role of a Company Secretary.

We are also able to provide you with a qualified permanent representative which is an appointment against a branch registration. Similar to the appointment of a Company Secretary in a limited company. A UK branch has to be allocated a permanent representative who will have the authority to sign documents on the overseas company’s behalf amongst other responsibilities that will free up the director’s time.

Philip McCarron, Head of Corporate Governance

Philip McCarron

Philip is responsible for oversight and management of our Governance teams in London and Warwick and ensuring that our clients Governance and Company Secretarial requirements are met.  Philip also delivers technical governance advice to clients to ensure that thy are meeting and exceeding regulatory and best practice requirements to enter, grow and scale in the UK.

Philip has strong communication skills and is excellent at building relationships at all levels. He is able to manage changing and conflicting priorities on a daily basis whilst ensuring attention to quality and detail.