With a wealth of information and experience our dedicated team will help you navigate the complexities of data protection and achieve the desired outcome.

Since the introduction of the general data protection regulation (GDPR) in 2018, there are stringent rules pertaining to data protection in businesses across the UK.

The regulation is extremely complex and to implement across an organisation requires a significant amount of training and understanding. Our dedicated corporate legal data protection officer at Goodwille will work with your business to develop a full GDPR and data protection package to cover your specific needs.

We provide a package to all businesses which encompasses the full legislation, providing you everything you need to ensure compliance.

Our general GDPR package encompasses a range of templates which can be personalised to your specific business: 

  • Privacy standard
  • Privacy notice for employees
  • Document retention policy
  • Data audit & storage documents  
  • GDPR accountability questionnaire for senior managers 
  • Employee consent form 
  • Serious breach notification form
  • Data impact assessment form 
  • Data processing clauses for commercial contracts and terms of business

Eamon Roche – FCIS (FCG)

Eamon Roche is Company Secretary and leading the Governance Department. He is motivated, commercially minded, and a dedicated qualified Chartered Secretary. He has extensive experience in all aspects of company secretarial work gained from a diverse and rewarding career in both the UK and Ireland.

Eamon has strong communication skills and is excellent at building relationships at all levels. He is able to manage changing and conflicting priorities on a daily basis whilst ensuring attention to quality and detail.

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