Corporate Governance Services by Goodwille

With a plethora of knowledge the dedicated team at Goodwille can support your company should they choose to attain support via schemes. 

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is designed so that your business can apply to raise more money to help to expand in any capacity. For example, if you are a start up in Sweden (or anywhere overseas) your business can apply for ‘tax relief’ to investors who buy shares in your company. Goodwille can help with registering the scheme with HMRC but not the listing/raising of funds.

Through partnering with Goodwille, we will ensure that your business meets the general criteria to enrol onto the scheme, and thereafter to make the most out of the scheme. The general criteria are as follows:

  • Has a permanent establishment in the UK (Subsidiary companies are not eligible for the scheme) 
  • Not trading on a recognised stock exchange
  • Not controlling another company (except for its subsidiaries)
  • Not a temporary entity in that there are no plans to close after a specific project has come to an end.

There are limits as to who can receive investment under the EIS, for example the application must be within seven years of the company’s first commercial sale. Goodwille can provide you more details on whether you will qualify for it. Learn more about the EIS scheme.

Philip McCarron, Head of Corporate Governance

Philip McCarron

Philip is responsible for oversight and management of our Governance teams in London and Warwick and ensuring that our clients Governance and Company Secretarial requirements are met.  Philip also delivers technical governance advice to clients to ensure that thy are meeting and exceeding regulatory and best practice requirements to enter, grow and scale in the UK.

Philip has strong communication skills and is excellent at building relationships at all levels. He is able to manage changing and conflicting priorities on a daily basis whilst ensuring attention to quality and detail.