Goodwille is committed to creating a sustainable, inclusive, happier workspace for our employees and stakeholders as we believe that people make businesses – happy employees are more dynamic, engaged, productive & diligent, which in turn leads to a better provision of service.

Do Some Good

As legislation is rolled out across Europe, acting on ESG is an ever-pressing priority amongst many businesses. Despite legislation changes, the decision to act remains ‘voluntary’ for many organisations.

Here at Goodwille we strive to have strong community relations, be an excellent employer, maintain solid corporate governance and be as sustainable as we can be, whether it be at home, in the office or in the wider community – not driven by legislation, but by it being the right thing to do.

Over the past years we have introduced a range of initiatives to reduce our environmental impact, to improve our employees experience, to give back to our local community and to maintain our high standards of corporate governance. These include enhancing our workspaces, providing volunteer days and experiences, planting trees, and making sustainable choices. We believe if all SME’s make a small change, we will see a big difference!

Check out our latest Litter Pick(nic) we took part in recently ➡️

We’re constantly working to be better. Read more about the changes we’ve made, and the initiatives we’ve introduced at Goodwille below.

Good For The Planet

Read more about the initiatives we’ve implemented to reduce our carbon footprint, and the impact we have on the planet.

Good For Others

Read more about the initiatives we’ve implemented to improve the wellbeing of our employees and our wider community.

For Good

Read more about our commitment to providing ethical standards throughout our organisation, forever.

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It’s a Team Thing

“With over 94% of our employees believing sustainability matters, we’re proactively and voluntarily taking measures to reduce our impact on the planet, and ensure a positive experience for our employees and wider community.

We’ve recently rolled out onHand, a micro volunteering platform which allows employees to easily get involved in local community projects during their corporate volunteer day and spare time.

We recognise that employees want to work somewhere they are growing professionally, challenged and engaged by the work, in an environment that is open and honest, that is comfortable and enjoyable to be part of. That’s why 100% of our employees (2023 survey) would recommend Goodwille as a place to work to family & friends – results like that do not happen by chance.”

James Service, Operations

Goodwille Actions

Supporting Others – Microloan Foundation

For over 15 years, Goodwille have supported the Microloan Foundation, a charity providing female entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan Africa (Malawi, Zambia & Zimbabwe) with both financial support and training, to help them build sustainable livelihoods, allowing them to work theirs and their families way out of poverty.

Over recent years we have raised in excess of £27,000 for the Microloan Foundation through our annual donations and charity events which has improved the lives of hundreds of families in some of the world’s poorest regions. In 2022 a member of our team had the opportunity to travel to Zambia to meet the families we are supporting.

The Microloan Foundation has supported over 390,000 female entrepreneurs to date through their activities. You can read more about their success here.

Malin Rosenkvist, Director of Fundraising at Microloan Foundation with Maya and Sara from Finance and Development Director, Alexander Goodwille.

Malin Rosenkvist, Director of Fundraising at Microloan Foundation with Myah (Payroll) and Sara (Finance) and Development Director, Alexander Goodwille.

ESG Related Resources