August 5th, 2021

EV charging solutions – 7 companies to watch in 2021

Electric Vehicles

The electric vehicle (EV) market in the UK has been rapidly growing in recent years and nothing is indicating that this trend will change any time soon. The number of registered electric vehicles on the UK market increased by 66% from 2019 to 2020 and despite the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 was likewise a year with a high growth rate. This increase in sales and manufacturing of EVs is partly due to supportive government policies and regulations. The UK government’s “Ten-point plan for a green industrial revolution” emphasises a “green recovery” from the pandemic to repair the economy in a sustainable way. This plan includes the goal that all vehicles should have zero emissions by 2035. For this to be possible, the government is aiming for the costs of EVs to decrease as well as largely investing in infrastructure such as rapid charge points on motorways and in cities. Charging stations are currently lacking and, if not addressed, it is likely to hinder the future market growth.

There are constantly breakthroughs in EV technology, which makes the full-scale transition to zero-emission vehicles seem more and more promising. With this in mind, what  follows is a list of 7 companies that deserve recognition for their work relating to the zero-emission vehicles market.


Heliox was founded in Best, Netherlands and is working to create a sustainable future by delivering innovative energy management solutions. They are doing this by introducing a seamless charging experience compatible with all-electric vehicles. The fast-charging systems are particularly focused on public transport, marine, mining, e-trucks and port equipment. They are operating globally and are today powering over 25 000 vehicles.


The Norwegian company Zaptec is a market leader in intelligent charging systems for electric vehicles.  They are seeking to solve one of the key challenges in the industry – building a better and more wide-scale charging infrastructure, which will be essential in supporting the future adoption of EVs. With the experience gained from becoming the domestic leader in Norway, the country with the highest EV per capita, they hope to bring their technology to the rest of the world to contribute to a more sustainable future.


Eunice Energy Group is the first Greek group to develop and invest in Renewable Energy Sources (RES) projects. Today, Eunice is active within the full spectrum of renewable energy, ranging from the manufacturing of technology to the ownership and operation of renewable energy investments. Their vision is to create a more sustainable future by providing smart and innovative energy solutions, including wind turbines, solar panels and electric vehicle chargers as well as creating alliances with global actors in the sector.

EV charge partner

The Swedish company EV charge partner is a fast-growing company working with the installation, maintenance, repair and configuration of EV chargers. With the rapid EV market growth taking place, operational services are becoming increasingly important and EV charge partner are working to meet this need. The company works closely with the major players in charging infrastructure and are looking to expand their business to the rest of Europe.


Powerdot is a newly started EV charging operator founded in Portugal in 2018. They have already expanded to 5 countries in Europe and are a forward-thinking company aiming for a brighter, more sustainable future. They are investing, installing and operating EV charging solutions both for private users and fleets tailored to the specific needs of different places. Since mobility is responsible for 25% of CO2 emissions, Powerdot believes that it is essential that the new generation of cars must be electric.


With the electrification of transportation, the demand for lithium-ion batteries is predicted to grow by more than ten-fold by 2030. For this demand to be met, companies working with the recycling of EV batteries are needed everywhere. Headquartered in Finland, Fortum is a European energy company working with, amongst other things, the recycling of EV batteries. Their cutting-edge, low-CO2 recycling technology allows them to recover up to 95% of the scarce metals, which can be used in producing new batteries!


ABL is a Germany-based business producing wallboxes and charging poles for homes, work and public use.  ABL has already become the market leader in the wallbox segment in Norway and now have 275 000 charging points. ABL is a key player in Germany’s sustainable energy transition and cities such as Munich and Nuremberg already rely heavily on ABL products for the development of charging infrastructure.

With the rapidly growing EV market in the UK, forward-thinking and innovative companies in the EV industry have a great opportunity to successfully expand their businesses to the UK. Goodwille has helped foreign-owned businesses from all over the world to enter the UK market. To find out more, please do not hesitate to get in touch.