Expense Management

Innovative Business Expense Solutions

When your business is operating in different markets, it can be difficult to have a cohesive expense management strategy to ensure all expenses are tracked into the system at the right time, by the right people.

Using a company who already has the facility and capability to implement your expenses policy and process will ensure  that you save time and money on investing in solutions that only you need. 

Choosing to use our expense management tools, along with our preferred accounting system, XERO, will ensure you have the ability to see exactly what has been spent, by whom, on what credit card, with the full breakdown of expenses without having to worry that you have a lot of expense work at the end of the month.

Expense Management

Prepaid Card

Using collaborative software there are multiple ways to keep track of your employees expenses. Some of our clients request that their employees track expenses through a standard Excel spreadsheet in line with their internal procedures (which we then pick up at the end of the month to ensure that all expenses are accounted for) whilst others use a more efficient cloud based solution provided by Goodwille. This solution is fully integrated into your business with an on-the-go app, so the submission of expenses is catered for efficiently. It allows users to take a picture of their receipts to record into the app, and populate the electronic expense claim.

Another option for expense management is using a prepaid company credit card, which automates expense reporting. When using prepaid cards you can control the amount that your company spends, and access receipts quickly and efficiently. This solution integrates into XERO (our preferred financial services solution) for live company expenditure information.

Dom Morris

Meet Our
Head of Finance

Dom Morris
As our Head of Finance, Dom’s role is to oversee the teams that manage the delivery of fully compliant financial processes for our clients, as well as for advising them on the decisions that will help drive their businesses forward. He is responsible for the Finance teams across both the London and Warwick offices.

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