March 2nd, 2017

Goodwille Strengthens Its Management

The untimely loss of its founder inevitably presents any company with a challenging period of reflection regarding matters strategic and managerial. Goodwille Ltd has been no exception, but when we wrote to our clients and other friends of the company in July 2016 to impart our sad news, we made it clear that there would be no immediate change in the strategic direction of the company.

With regard to the future management of the business, it was always Annika’s wish that her family continue her work by further developing Goodwille Ltd.

We are therefore pleased to announce that Alexander Goodwille, Annika’s eldest son, who has been providing IT consultancy services to the company for the last two years, will become CEO as of 1st March 2017.

Svend Littauer, who has played a major role in the company over many years, most recently as Annika’s COO, has decided to seek new challenges elsewhere. He has agreed to delay his departure to ensure a smooth transition, while he hands over his day-to-day management responsibilities. Kevin Rutter, who for the last year and a half has been head of Financial Administration, will join the management team as CFO, supporting Alexander in the general management of the company.

Alexander Goodwille, CEO, comments:
“Goodwille has been built on the foundation stone of delivering outstanding service to its clients. I very much look forward to expanding and developing the business, together with Kevin and the rest of the dedicated team at Goodwille. I am very grateful that Svend will be assisting us to ensure a smooth handover of his responsibilities. The company and the family extend their sincere thanks to Svend for his dedicated service to the company over many years.”

Svante Adde, Non-Executive Chairman, comments:
“Annika would have been delighted to see that the family is continuing to build the firm that she had created. Alexander is bringing to Goodwille the complementary skills in IT and support services gained during his 10 years of working in Investment Banking IT.”

Kevin Rutter, CFO, comments:
“This is a great opportunity for me to assist Alexander in consolidating, and building on, the great work done by Annika, Svend and others, in bringing the business to where it is today.”

Svend Littauer, COO, comments:
“I have greatly enjoyed working at Goodwille and helping to build the business over the last 9 years. With a new generation taking over, I am confident that Goodwille has a very bright future.”

The entire team at Goodwille is confident that the company is well positioned to sustain its growth over the foreseeable future. We will continue to build on the great work that Annika did in creating and building this business, while embracing new opportunities for even greater success in the future.