Setting up in the UK: Branch vs Subsidiary

Are you an international business thinking about setting up in the UK and unsure as to what is the most appropriate structure for your organisation,whether it be a Branch or a Subsidiary?

This guide includes:

Defining a Subsidiary and a Branch

The purpose of having a presence in the UK

Comparison between a Subsidiary and a Branch

Other forms of Trading Structure

Key elements to consider

Opening a UK Business Bank Account

Are you looking to open a UK business bank account? For many businesses new to the UK market, this can be the longest, and most challenging & frustrating part of their expansion process.

This guide includes:

Opening a business bank account

Can we trade without an account

Qualifying criteria for Various Banks

3 tips on getting a UK Bank Account

Employing in the UK

Recruiting and employing staff in the UK can be a lengthy and complicated process, and it’s one you need to ensure is done correctly to avoid future problems or grievances. Our guide will talk you through the stages you should undertake, from sourcing the initial candidate to onboarding them onto payroll.

This guide includes:

Why the UK?

Before you start recruiting

Getting the basics right

Employee Benefits

Secondments & Sponsorship Licenses

R&D Tax Credits

With so much to gain from this scheme, we have written this guide to help you understand what the research and development (R&D) tax credits scheme is and what criteria you need to meet if you wish to apply.

This guide includes:

What are R&D Tax Credits?

Is my business eligible?

What costs can I claim back?

How can Goodwille help you?

Doing Business in the UK

The UK is one of the largest economies in the world, and attractive to foreign businesses due to the market size, access to skilled talent & low corporation tax rates. Whilst you may be able to trade into the UK from overseas, it’s good to have an understanding as to when you may trigger a taxable presence, to avoid any surprises when it comes to taxation.

This guide includes:

Registering your business

Registration characteristics for a UK business

Benefits of registering in the UK


Tax Table 2022/2023

View all the most up to date tax rates including income tax allowances, ISAs, tax reliefs, child benefits and many more.

Stott and May: Talent acquisition & Technology recruitment

Stott and May are a talent solutions firm that help businesses find the right candidates, first time, in fiercely competitive technology markets. We help our partners manage their talent requirements, from key individual permanent and contract hires to building teams at pace, offering all the specialist knowledge of a boutique agency but with the added benefit of scale.