Agent Base: Are Sales Agents the Best Strategy

The agent route is certainly a very well-established option for export market entry. And it’s easy to see why. It’s a very
fast, low-cost way to enter a new market, and best of all it works purely on results.

Stott and May: Talent acquisition & Technology recruitment

Stott and May are a talent solutions firm that help businesses find the right candidates, first time, in fiercely competitive technology markets. We help our partners manage their talent requirements, from key individual permanent and contract hires to building teams at pace, offering all the specialist knowledge of a boutique agency but with the added benefit of scale.

Sandberg: Entering the UK Market? Don’t Skimp on Translation

As a Nordic company trading abroad, you’re most certainly already used to working with English. However, when entering the UK market where English is spoken natively, you need a different approach to avoid embarrassment and mistakes, comply with regulations and make sure that your marketing messages have the desired impact.