July 30th, 2019

How Could A ‘No-Deal Brexit’ Affect Goodwille’s Clients and Our Services?

It is impossible to go into every detail on how a ‘no-deal Brexit’ would affect Goodwille’s clients and our services, but one can start by categorising the possibilities in the sections below.

For clients based in one of the remaining Member States, the consequences of a ‘no-deal Brexit’ broadly fit into two categories. Firstly, the human aspect as there will be new rules to bring staff into the UK post Brexit. Secondly, the import/export side, affecting those with physical products or businesses operating in regulated markets. The latter will likely be hit the hardest with an increasing amount of paperwork and new systems related to importing goods from EU Member States to the UK (and, to a lesser extent, exporting from the UK to the remaining EU).

As we approach the 31st October deadline, companies that move goods into or out of the EU are once again facing the prospect of stockpiling. If not already done, it is important to check with delivery partners to ensure they are ready in the event of a ‘no-deal’. For goods trading companies, Goodwille has previously encouraged these clients to apply for a UK EORI number (please contact us if you require more details).

Companies in the service industry will likely only have to deal with changes to VAT reporting. This should be covered easily within the remit that Goodwille has with clients using Goodwille’s finance services.

Most impacted will be subsidiaries of EU companies in the UK. These are likely to face the biggest hurdle related to ‘no-deal’ planning. Nonetheless, companies from outside the EU may find the so-called “no-deal exit” less problematic, unless they use the UK to as a gateway to the EU market.

To ensure a continued presence within the EU after Brexit, Goodwille has been developing its network and we have secured partners in Ireland. We have established contacts with import specialists to make use of the TSP (Transitional Simplified Procedures). For clients wishing to bring staff into the UK, we have partnered with North Star Law to ensure expert immigration advisory services aiding with supported VISA applications to enter the UK. We have also partnered with relocation services businesses, which can be essential when it comes to moving a family to the UK smoothly.

Goodwille are currently supporting in the region of 400 subsidiary businesses in the UK, and the vast majority of these are headquartered in Northern & Central Europe.  Over the coming weeks (and months), as more information is released and it becomes clearer on the impact Brexit will have on foreign businesses ability to trade with the United Kingdom, then Goodwille will proactively keep our clients updated – you are in safe hands.

This update is for general guidance only. Specific legal advice should be obtained in all cases. This material is the copyright of Goodwille Limited (unless otherwise stipulated) and is not to be reproduced in whole or in part without prior written consent.