Absence Management

Managing Absence in the Workplace

Having a rigorous absence management procedure in place in your organisation helps you to look after both your staff and your business. After all, that’s what makes your business what it is.

Absence Management in the UK is typically focused on Annual Leave, Sickness and other leave types such as family leave types.

As a responsible employer, you need to be able to plan to ensure that you have business cover, but also you need to ensure that your employees are taking sufficient rest days to stay healthy. There is no doubt that your employees will be sick from time to time, but implementing a workable solution to manage sickness is critical to ensuring that employees are supported in whatever is happening in their lives.

Understanding why an employee is off sick is important. This will help you to find the most appropriate cover, and for how long based on the length of sickness, as well as making adjustments for reducing the number of sick days where possible – this could include allowing an employee flexible working, for example.

Our HRIS, provides a platform for UK based staff to request leave, whether it be for holiday or sickness. This includes an integrated approval system and provides greater visibility to managers, who may be based abroad.

At Goodwille, much like all of our services, we work alongside your business to provide the best absence management solution to suit your business. Mutual collaboration allows us to create the best working environment possible.

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