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In the UK, depending on the industry and job role, there are rewards and benefits which employers should consider offering their employees. But remember, there is no legal obligation to offer your employee rewards or benefits,  except for a pension scheme.

The main reason to offer benefits is to initially attract employees, to retain them, and inspire to do their job to a higher standard than if they had no other incentive than their basic rate of pay.

Legally, employers have no requirement to provide private medical insurance to their employees, as all residents of the UK are entitled to free healthcare via the NHS. However, in some industries, and particularly some larger companies, private healthcare is included as part of their benefits package.

We can work with you to benchmark your offering with what is standard for employees in your industry, to ensure that your employee offering is attractive, but sensible. More senior professionals may expect to have private healthcare as part of their remuneration package, for example. 

  • Private healthcare
  • Life insurance
  • Learning and development cover for training purposes 
  • Interest free loans
  • Car allowance
  • Company car
  • Permanent health insurance
  • Dental cover
  • Employee perks such as day off on your birthday, social days, store discounts etc

Note that the above list is not exhaustive, and there are many other options to include in the rewards and benefits package that your company may procure. We can work by your side as your HR partner to provide you with the best package for your business and, most importantly, your employees. 

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