Employment Contracts &
Staff Handbooks

UK Employment Contracts

Whether your business is a subsidiary or an establishment in the UK, you will need to ensure that the employment contract you deploy is compliant with UK law. We have seen businesses enter the UK marketplace whilst employing staff within the UK on foreign employment contracts, which may not protect you should things go awry. 

Varying legislation across all EU states, the rest of the world, and the UK means that the length of an employment contract in many cases is less comprehensive than UK law. It may mean that your employees are not covered for legalities that they should be, or it could mean that you are not covered if an unsavoury situation were to occur.

Learn more about your responsibilities as a UK employer.

Staff Handbook

Whilst a staff handbook is not a legal requirement, it is a legal requirement to have a grievance and disciplinary policy. Outlining these key policies within a staff handbook is one of the easiest ways to provide your employees with the appropriate and relevant information. It can be used to bring together employment and job-related information required by the employee. 

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