HR & Personnel Issues



A disciplinary is the process of dealing with employee misconduct. Organisations will generally have a wide range of procedures, differing by level based on the severity of the perceived situation. At Goodwille, we can work as an extension to your business to develop these procedures, and advise you through our HR Advisory stance to ensure that when carrying out an employee disciplinary you are being as fair as possible based on the circumstances. 

Performance Reviews

A performance review can be one of the most important elements of an employees’ career. Understanding their performance and its effect on the business is essential in achieving optimal performance. 

No matter how much we plan, sometimes, we can not always be sure what or how the business needs will change, and sometimes very quickly. That means that sometimes you may need to be aware of your rights as an employer, and employees rights too when developing a sustainable, fair and consistent redundancy policy. 

Redundancy only applies to employees who are under an employment contract. It does not apply to contractors or workers. It should lay out the redundancy process clearly so that everybody involved understands the correct legalities.

Meet Our
HR Manager

Jacqui Brown
As our HR Manager, Jacqui provides high quality and compliant HR advice across the full spectrum of HR services for a portfolio of Goodwille clients. She offers pragmatic advice on technical matters relating to HR issues including employee relations, organisation design, policies and procedures, implementation of new contracts and staff handbooks, benefits and salary levels, recruitment and training solutions.