Secondments & Sponsorships

Moving Within a Company

When establishing a new subsidiary company, or registering a UK establishment, you may want some employees from the Head Office locally to aid in the setup and opening of the business. Even once you are established as an entity in the UK, you may want to redeploy employees from the Head Office for a temporary period of time. This is where you can use secondments to their full advantage.

If the individual(s) are needed in the UK for a temporary period, typically up to 2 years, then they could be a candidate for secondment. If they don’t have the right to work in the UK however, they will need to obtain this, meaning that they may need to be sponsored by your UK Company and as such, you need to apply to the Home Office to become a UK licenced sponsor.

In relation to secondments, Goodwille work with you, as the parent company, to ensure that the secondment is legal under UK law, and that the correct tax is being paid in the correct country, this is in partnership with our partner tax agencies.

Secondments can be great for an employee’s career development, providing an opportunity for the secondee to gain new skills and life experiences, often in other countries. For the business it can generate new income, maintain company culture across the group, and reward staff with exciting short-term projects.

Within a secondment, the overarching idea is that the secondee remains employed under the original employer during the secondment, and after the period ends, returns to the original place of work in the previous role. This is usually based on location for those companies who establish their business in the UK from overseas.

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