September 4th, 2019

Join our roundtable on launching a food and drinks brand on the UK market

Are you a food, drinks or nutrition business planning to launch on the UK market? Join our roundtable session during Food Matters Live for insights on how to successfully launch your brand in the UK!

Food Matters Live, the food community aiming to change the future of food and drink, comes to London 19th-20th November. The two-day exhibition attracts innovative food and drinks brands and visitors from around the globe to ExCeL London. Besides showcasing the latest innovation in food and drinks, it offers cross-sector meetings and educative seminars and roundtables with sector experts.

If you are a food & drinks brand thinking about entering the UK market – don’t miss our roundtable session, co-hosted by Goodwille and Ely Advisory. Themed ‘The Lean Startup – Market Entry Simplified’, the session will provide insights on how to enter and succeed on the UK market as a food & drinks brand.

About our roundtable sessions

When: Tuesday 19th November and Wednesday 20th November, 13:15 – 14:00
Where: Food Matters Live, ExCeL London

Theme: The Lean Startup – Market Entry Simplified

Launching a new product can be challenging in itself, let alone when you are launching into an entirely new market. Together, Goodwille & Ely Advisory have been helping foreign-owned food & drink brands enter the UK for decades. Join our roundtable session during Food Matters Live to understand the practical elements of establishing your food & drinks business in the UK, along with some essential tips & tricks that will help you when you are dealing with UK food & drink retailers.


Alexander Goodwille, CEO of Goodwille

Goodwille have been helping brands from around the world to get their products into the UK market. Supporting restaurant chains, along with consumer food & drink brands, we understand what it takes to get your product into the marketplace, whilst ensuring you remain fully compliant when trading in the UK.

Goodwille provide a complete solution for businesses entering the UK market, covering Corporate Legal, Finance, Human Resources, Payroll & Virtual Offices.

We have experience working with both food & drink brands selling online into the UK, through independent stores & leadings retail chains, along with those operating their own physical restaurant chains.

Through our wider network we can support our clients with import/export, leases, storage facilities, distribution, marketing and more. By choosing to work with Goodwille, it gives you more free time, so you can focus on launching your brand in the UK market.

Andrew Ely, MD of Ely Advisory

Ely Advisory is a boutique consultancy specialising in working with food and drink companies on UK market entry. Founded by Andrew Ely in 2017 and utilising over 30 years of successful sales and marketing experience with UK based food and drink companies.

We can all think of inspirational food and drink brands but how do we create them? This is a question which has always fascinated me. My experience covers a wealth of categories: bread and cakes, Chinese and Italian products, gluten and lactose free, plant-based foods, crisps and snacks, wines and spirits. I am well versed in managing the opportunities and challenges around cross-cultural and cross-border working. I have also got to know and thrive working with the different ownership structures that support modern food businesses; from large publicly quoted companies to private equity backed investments and exits.

At channel level, I have strong experience evaluating and executing the different choices facing companies who want to come to market in the UK. Retail and online are perhaps the most visible of these options but increasingly Out-of-Home and Business-to-Business form an essential part of any well-planned market entry.

Who should join and why?

Our roundtable discussions give you the opportunity to hear us share our experiences and ask questions about launching a food & drinks business on the UK market. Our combined expertise in UK market entry, launching a food & drinks brand and dealing with food retailers in the UK will help you prepare your launch with the right resources and partnerships. If you are a foreign food & drinks brand with interest in the UK market, this 45min session will give you a head start on the UK market.

Goodwille are experts in helping foreign-owned businesses enter the UK market. We have supported several food and drinks brands and can assist you business with launching and expanding in the UK. Contact us today for more information on how we can help your brand succeed on the UK market.