July 25th, 2016

Live answering service vs. voicemail for your new UK office

When you run a business with branches that are based in a different country or time zone, or if your work takes you out of your office for long periods of time, it’s important that you offer your clients alternative methods of contacting you.

The two solutions available to you are voicemail and a live answering service. So, what’s best for your overseas operation?


Voicemail can be useful if you have 24/7 staffing for your office and you are only likely to be unavailable for very brief periods of time. Voicemail works quite well, provided that you return your messages promptly.

The main drawback of voicemail is that most clients and prospects would much rather deal with a ‘real’ person, rather than leave a message.

Not being able to contact a member of staff can also become a cause of frustration, which could send clients looking for an alternative supplier who can be more easily contacted. Clearly, this is not a good scenario when you are trying to establish yourself and your company in a different country.

Live answering service

A live answering service or virtual office means that you can be confident that your clients and prospects will receive a response no matter what time of day they call. Trained operators can also be trained to screen sales prospect calls too, potentially netting new clients for your business.

An answering service is really essential for any new business, particularly if you are trying to break into a new country. Anyone calling out-of-hours will enjoy being connected to a helpful operator immediately, rather than having to wait for a response. This service gives a much more positive client experience, which could lead to good online reviews and even referrals to other prospects.

If your UK office is small in the beginning, you may not have the budget to take on full time office staff. A live answering service and virtual office may therefore be a much more viable financial option that still gives your clients a full service and creates a very professional impression of your business.

In conclusion

A live answering service is by far the best option for your new UK office and is clearly more preferable for your clients and prospects than a simple voicemail message facility. For more advice and information on how a live answering service could be of help to you in your new UK business, why not have a chat with the helpful team at Goodwille. Contact us today for more information.