April 29th, 2016

Make sure your company is ready for EdTech

More and more businesses are turning to EdTech to deliver workforce training, but it’s not a fool-proof practice. So, take a look at these tips to ensure your firm gets the most out of E-learning opportunities…


There will likely be some barriers to the introduction of e-learning. That doesn’t mean the idea should be abandoned, but it does mean you need to assess and address any issues in advance. The psychological, environmental, technological and financial implications of e-learning are all factors to be taken into consideration.

Do your staff have the technical ability for e-learning? Do they enjoy using software, or do they respond better to more traditional training? Do you have suitable training areas that can be equipped to the necessary level? Will your budget cover the initial, and ongoing, costs of e-learning?

Fully investigate whether to buy the software or develop it yourself

There’s a wealth of software that can be bought with readymade e-learning content, but does it meet your specific criteria? Off-the-shelf software is often a cost-effective option for companies with generic training needs, but it’s not geared towards unusual or unique firms.

Developing custom EdTech is a possibility to be explored by businesses with the right in-house resources, but for those that don’t, outsourcing is a popular option.

Select appropriate subjects

E-learning covers a wide range of areas, but it’s not the optimum way to deliver all training. The best way to find out what subjects are suitable is to run comparative tests.

Select a topic and teach it to one group of employees by using traditional methods, and then train another group using the software. Comparing results and analysing feedback will help you to decide which types of training you should utilise EdTech for.

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