August 17th, 2021

Meet Elliott Walker

Elliott Walker

Elliott Walker works as Customer Success Executive, a newly created role at Goodwille. Every company wants to deliver an outstanding client experience, and that is exactly what Elliott is here to ensure. He’s an advocate for our clients, making sure that they are heard, understood and getting the most out of our services.

Elliott spared us a few minutes to tell us more about who he is and what his role entails!

What does the Customer Success role entail?

As a Customer Success Executive for Goodwille the role encompasses ownership of client queries to resolution, developing and maintaining relationships, liaising with teams, leveraging relationships through our partner network for clients and primarily to ensure a smooth customer journey.

It’s a new position, how do you feel about having the opportunity to develop this role?

It’s great! This role allows me to be agile, proactive and to respond quickly to anything that I see or to what clients highlight to me. I really enjoy being able to act quickly and add value; both of these elements I can do with the support of senior management. It’s a great position to be in and I’m looking forward to developing it more.

Why did you decide to join Goodwille?

I decided to join Goodwille for a few reasons. Some of those reasons were because of the client diversity and because of the growth that Goodwille has been enjoying for a while. Goodwille’s client base is extensive and the types of clients we have are different. This is great – no two clients are the same and it makes every day interesting.

The sustained growth that we’ve been enjoying is excellent too. Especially considering the previous eighteen months. There’s no signs of slowing down and I’m looking forward to speaking and assisting more people.

What account management experience do you have?

Prior to Goodwille I worked as an Account Executive in a large UK based FX company and as a Service Delivery Manager within a multinational IT services company. I was able to onboard clients in a sales role and also account managed within a delivery role. I would work to resolve problems, both independently and through coordinating with teams. If there was a way to help further, I would do this by introducing services which aligned with the client’s goals (through partners or other areas of the business). I believe it’s important to be clear, insightful and dependable throughout the client journey.

Can you talk through a typical day in the Customer Success role?

A typical day for me generally consists of replying to queries via email that have come in the day before, liaising with teams to ensure that tasks are being pushed forward and monitoring accounts to make sure everything’s in order. I’ll also check in with new and existing clients and see how things are and if we can do more to help. Sometimes I may be asked to assist with expansion to other regions and markets or be informed about long term ambitions such as acquisitions or tax advice. (We do not offer tax advice as part of our service offering but can help through partners in our network.)

How did you find your first few weeks at Goodwille?

There was a lot to learn. There was the client base to go through, to understand the different services we offer and getting my head around the systems. However, everyone at Goodwille is really friendly and the knowledge base is detailed and easy to use. The first few weeks were a steep learning curve but was fine!

Tell us a little bit about Elliott Walker

I have always been interested in sports and music. Although both of these are quite different – they are very collaborative. I’ve played in teams, played instruments with others in live performances and I enjoy being around people and developing good relationships. I also enjoy eating good food and travelling too!

If you would like to get in touch with Elliott, email at or call on 01926405524